Thursday, March 25, 2010

tuesday night we got tons of snow.
i was a happy, happy girl. all of that snow = 3 day week for me!
(although, i think we could have had school today.)

tuesday night i went grocery shopping. when i walked into the store it was raining. i came out and we had an inch of snow on the ground.
2 hours later charlie asked me to move my car out of the garage. it got stuck.
luckily, i was able to get it back in and we spent the next 15 minutes trying to help our neighbor pull her car into the garage.

we spent tuesday night drinking beer and making quesadillas.
and watching it snow.
watching it fall
staring out the window is henry's hobby.

i slept in until 9 on wednesday.
but charlie was up at 5 (and then back to sleep on the couch) for a trip to western colorado that got delayed.
he did manage to take some pictures of the snow before it all started to melt.

snow day!
our street.

the sun attempting to come out.

after lots of coffee & a play date for the dogs. i took dunkin for a walk.
a lot of the snow had melted but there was still enough around to make it pretty.
midday walk




and then i dropped our skis off at christy sports, went shopping, made brownies, did a TON of laundry, and graded some papers.

i think i'm done with winter now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


happy snow day!!!
gotta love march snow storms.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

new fav of d-man
seriously ... how cute is my dog?
he's upset because he wants a drink of water but is scared to walk in the kitchen.
this is his, "please bring my water to me and i'll love you forever" look.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's the little things ...

i actually ate something healthy.

... a warm saturday.
... a cold, rainy sunday.
... homemade fruit smoothies.
... cleaning with the windows open.
... the snow finally melting.
... watching the terps on a friday night. even if we live in a place where no one knows what a terp is.
... watching my dog play with the neighborhood kids.
... burgers with blue cheese.
... a clean house.
... a full tank of gas.
... kona coffee.
... walking the dogs while wearing only a t-shirt.
... not working on tuesday.
... finding my wedding ring after "losing" it.
... nice people.
... how excited my dog gets when i let him come on car rides.
... certain people finally taking down their christmas decorations.
... daylight savings or spring forward. whatever you want to call it.
... bubble baths.
... soup cooking in the crock pot.
... the sound of rain running through our gutters. (yeah, i'm weird. but i love rain.)
... a glass of wine on a tuesday night. hey, sometimes it's too hard to wait until friday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

henry's famous.

ok, maybe famous is the wrong word.
i submitted a picture of him to Design to Inspire's Monday's pets on furniture series.
here's what his 1/8 of a blog post of fame looked like.

Henry's Famous
(screenshot from here)

Monday, March 15, 2010


... i cannot fold a fitted sheet. and i have no desire to learn how.
... i have no idea what "seasoning a pan" means.
... walking the dogs is my therapy.
... sometimes i want to drink a bottle of champagne just so i can keep the cork.
... i really, really hate scary movies.
... when charlie and i moved in together i was adamant about not having a tv in our bedroom. now i wish we had one.
... i hate running errands. except for target.
... i think the new iPad is the stupidest thing ever. isn't it just a giant iPod touch?
... i am insanely jealous of people who work from home.
... sales would be the worst career for me ever to work in. when i worked in a mexican restaurant i couldn't even sell guacamole to people. i lost every single sales contest that we had. every night i worked.
... i also dumped an entire bowl of bean soup on a customer once. they didn't leave me a tip.
... i generally make bad decisions when tequila is involved.
... i change my mind a lot.
... movies longer than 2 hours bore me. i usually end up leaving the theater.
... i hate china.
... i like to watch movies over and over. ditto with books i like.
... i can be really, really stubborn.
... i miss the beach. a lot.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

it's officially spring in our bedroom.

"spring" bedding
so maybe we still need the down comforter, but at least it's yellow.

photo gallery
and i hung some more pictures.
i have about a billion and one pictures all over our place.
it's going to suck when we finally move.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bear Peak Hike

may your coming year be filled with magic, dreams and good madness.
i hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful,
and don't forget to make some art.
write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.
and i hope, somewhere in the next year,
you surprise yourself."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

more curtains ...

old curtains ...

old curtains

new curtains ...

new curtains

Monday, March 8, 2010

it's the little things ...

... the freckle on dunkin's nose.

... friday night netflix + a frosty from wendy's.
... exposed brick.
... the warm weather we've been having lately.
... he's just not that into you. the movie. makes me miss MD a bit.
... sleeping in, with the window open, under a down comforter.
... reeses peanut butter cups.
... online shopping.
... the new norah jones album.
... saturday jeans.
... wandering around crate & barrel with charlie.
... vanilla-lime candles.
... actually being responsible.
... making plans for summer.
... field trips during the week.
... counting down the days until may 28.
... fleece socks.
... how lazy my dog is in the mornings. just like me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

office help.

our cozy little apartment got a slight makeover on friday.
despite the fact that we're still renting, i know that we're going to be where we are for a few more years. so i've tried to make it as cozy as possible on the cheap.

our office is on the first floor, when you walk in.
since charlie works from home when he's not traveling, it gets a decent amount of use.
unfortunately, it's also the place where we dumped all the furniture that didn't fit/match anywhere else.

it's currently home to our futon, random shelving unit, charlie's awkward desk, and a second bookshelf. a lot for a little room.

here's what it looked like when we first moved in ...

office before
futon handed down/stolen from my parents + ugly furniture from my aunt.

office before
lots of crap + photo of dunkin i want to get rid of + awkward huge desk.

obviously there's a lot of things i'd like to get rid of and charlie kept complaining how "uncozy" the office was. so after $70 a target here's was i tried to do ...

curtains + pillow covers + a wrinkly sheet.
the futon is also where the dogs sleep. it's their one piece of furniture. the sheet was much needed.

almost done ...
moved the dog picture & added a little color to the corkboard.

i couldn't get rid of the dunkin picture ... charlie would never go for that one.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

puppy cuteness.

seriously, aren't puppies the cutest things ever?
i was looking through some pictures the other day and found some henry puppy pictures.
i might be a little biased, but aside from that "awkward teenager stage" he was the most adorable puppy ever.

is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy?
don't say a baby, because babies are not furry and therefore not cuter.

bone and a chubby belly.

how is that comfortable?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


"love is not a place,
to come and go as we please,
it's a house we enter in,
and then commit to never leave.
so lock the door behind you,
and throw away the key.
we'll work it out together."

there are some weeks i really wish charlie didn't travel all the time.
this is one of them.
miss you, dude. hurry home.

Monday, March 1, 2010

hello march!

i've never been so happy to see march. ever.
yesterday was feb. 28th which means exactly 3 more months of working where i am.
i've never been so excited for an ending before.
i've been counting down the weeks, days, hours (ok, maybe not hours) until may 28th.
not only is it my last day at work but it's our anniversary weekend!
and we're heading to steamboat to celebrate.
did you hear that charlie!?!?! we're going to steamboat! alone! for an entire weekend!
i'm hoping that march brings lots of warm weather.
our forecast has 50 degrees and rain in it. i'm hoping that the rain melts the rest of the snow on the ground.

here's everything i want to do in march:

... go snowshoeing.
... walk the dogs more. because the weather will be so nice.
... wear t-shirts. it's spring, right?
... stain some furniture.
... not fail my hyrdo midterm.
... finish the research + write the abstract for my term paper.
... buy a new humidifier. apparently if you leave yours running without water in it you'll burn out the motor.
... drink more sunshine beer.

i'm excited for the promise of flowers + warm weather + hiking.