Tuesday, May 31, 2011

two years.


wow. sometimes i can't believe we've been married two years.
i'm hoping time slows down a bit and really looking forward to the next year.
i'm sure it'll be full of firsts but i can't think of anyone i'd rather spend it with.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


oh hello, remember me? of course not. i haven't blogged about anything in forever.
i've been debating about whether or not i should continue this little blog.
i took a break because life was just totally crazy and i had zero time for taking pictures, doing anything fun, or blogging. and lets be honest when you're spending all of your time either at work or at school or writing a paper there's not much to blog about. especially considering the fact i've always considered work an 'off-limits' topic and no one wants to hear about my research paper or biology exam.

the last few months have been not only crazy and busy but also full of changes.
i finished grad school, which is a good thing. an awesome thing. but it's been such a big part of my life i almost didn't know what to do with myself when there were no papers to write or classes to attend. don't get me wrong, i don't miss it. i love free time. i love coming home from work and not having a three hour class after work. i love spending my weekends doing whatever i feel like doing. and i'm so happy i actually finished because this time last year i was ready to give up.

with the end of school there's also been a lot of changes at work. good changes. but i like things finished, set in stone (or at least on paper), and it's taken a while to get them there.

and there's also been changes at home. i changed my name. well so far only with the social security office, but eventually everything else too. i always said i'd never do it but if i've learned anything it's that it's impossible to predict the future. things that i swore i wanted 5 years ago are certainly not what i want now.

so i figured i'd give blogging another shot. because the whole point of this was to document what's going on in our lives and honestly, the past year has flown by, way too fast, and i can't remember half of it. i'd like to slow things down or at least be able to look back on this time next year and remember what our lives were like.

charlie and i are headed to glenwood springs this weekend. i'm so excited to have an entire weekend with my husband. i'm turning my cell phone off, not bringing a computer, and planning on taking lots of walks along the colorado river. after telluride last year, we wanted to go back, but glenwood is charlie's favorite place, i've never seen aspen, it's a lot closer and cheaper (hello, marriott free night), and i found an awesome hike up the canyon. i'm planning on attempting some pictures, too. if i remember how to use a camera.

and because i cannot write a post without a picture. here's a picture of the most evil cat in history.
toby's plotting something evil

want him?

Monday, May 9, 2011

it's the little things ...


... waking up slowly on a saturday morning.
... reading a book in bed before breakfast.
... opening all the windows in the house.
... sitting outside in the grass, playing with the dogs.
... eating lunch outside on the balcony.
... taking henry for a long, slow walk.
... giving the dogs ice cubes.
... taking the dogs to the reservoir for the first swim of the season.
... wearing shorts and a tank top.
... getting just a little sunburnt.
... 2 clean and tired dogs.
... reading a book outside while drinking lemonade.
... grilling out hot dogs.
... taking a late afternoon nap on the couch.
... eating hot dogs while listening to the rockies game and reading fiction.
... falling asleep in a bed with clean, white sheets, with the windows open, and a husband who is home.

*i'm back. school is (almost) over. and i had the best lazy day on saturday. after months of winter, studying, working, and zero free time it was perfect.