Monday, April 30, 2012


well as of today, we're officially homeowners.  despite what i can only imagine was the most unorganized closing ever to happen, we read and signed all the documents, wrote a big, fat check and walked away with some keys and a lot of debt.  and i'm actually getting a little excited.  i still have no idea how or when the physical move will actually happen and i'm partially excited because we'll never have to deal with our real estate agent or lender again.  (side note, if you're looking for a loan avoid wells fargo.  they're the definition of terrible)

we're trying to get the radon mitigation system in and the floors replaced before moving but i'm hoping we can move in two weeks.  although that's probably pushing it for the floors. oh, and i'm hoping that we can paint two rooms next weekend while we're in the middle of packing and getting estimates for everything.    i still have zero pictures of the house but i'm hoping to get a few next weekend when we start the painting process.  it's probably a little optimistic considering the fact that we have a 4 month old baby, but i told charlie if he would do all the cutting in i'd do all the rolling.  and i'm hoping we can just do it in shifts since i'd rather not have her around while we're painting.  

Nice and awkward.
our first month in this place.  when alex was visiting!

i'm honestly a little sad to leave this place.  i thought it was just me, but even charlie's mentioned it a few times.  i think it's because this is the first place we've lived in that's really felt like a home not just an apartment that we were renting for a few years.  i think a part of that is that it's a nice place and we did more things to make it feel like home, like painting the wall and hanging curtains.  but i think the main reason is that we've been here for 3 years which is the longest either of us have lived somewhere before leaving for college.  it's crazy to me how many memories we'll have of this place:  cooking thanksgiving dinners, all the late nights i spent writing term papers, spending hours on the balcony in the summer listening to zac brown band, baking apple pie on the fourth of july, drinking tea and reading in bed, christmases with my family, cooking out with friends (before they moved), bringing avery home, our first night here drinking beers and eating pizza among the boxes, introducing avery to our herd of animals, all of the pot roasts, pork roasts, pumpkin cakes, chocolate chip cookies, bison lasagna that were made, having family come and visit, watching the dogs run around out front, my last snow day as a teacher, and everything else that's happened in this place.  it's been a good home.  a great home.  and although i'm so excited for a new home and new memories, i'm definitely going to miss it.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

baby henry

"all great changes are proceeded by chaos."

let's hope may turns out to be less chaotic than i'm anticipating & that the change is definitely worth it!

Friday, April 27, 2012

life lately and an avery update.

things have definitely been busy lately.  except for the first time in months this week seemed to drag on and on instead of flying by like they usually do.  i blame this on work and the fact that avery is refusing to nap for any significant period of time.  

and i don't think things are going to get any busier:  we're closing on our house in 3 days.  avery just turned 4 months. charlie's traveling for the next two weeks.  we have to pack and move.  and we need to get a radon mitigation system, new floors, and painting done before we move. alex is coming to visit for 7 days.  i really, really hate wishing time away.  but i'm hoping that may goes as smoothly as possible and i'm looking forward to june 1 when we'll at least have everything in the new house and be completely out of the apartment.  i'm hoping we can move everything without me taking any time off of work but i have a feeling i might need to take a day or two, especially if it takes more than a day to transfer our internet from the apartment to the house.  

the day of her doctor's appointment.  you can see the band-aids if you look really hard.

avery had her 4 month checkup complete with a few vaccinations and we found out she's 12 pounds 10 ounces (lighter then we had guessed, but she feels like she's 50 pounds when she's in her carseat) and 24 inches long.  basically she's a pretty tiny girl, just under the 20th percentile.  now that she's 4 months she's old enough to start solids, but i'm planning on skipping the rice cereal and waiting until she's 6 months to start solids.  the plan is to start on veggies and fruit and i have a feeling sweet potatoes will be the first thing we try.  i'm hoping that i can make most of her food as i think it will save a ton of money and i can't imagine that it's terribly difficult to puree some fruits and veggies.  we might have to invest in a food processor though as i doubt the blender will be able to get them as smooth as they should be at first.    

we'll save the pineapple for when she's a little older.

she's been laughing a lot more lately at all sorts of stupid things like putting blankets on her head and charlie saying 'boo' but it's definitely unpredictable.  something that was hilarious one day is incredibly stupid the next.  she's a picky kid.  she's definitely putting anything and everything into her mouth.  the other night she was entertained by one of her hats for almost half an hour which is like a year in baby time.  she's still rolling back to front all the time but has yet to show much interest in rolling the other way.  one day maybe.  i'm still happy with the one direction roll as she can't get too far with all of that yet.
one of her new favorite tricks. slamming her leg down over and over again.  especially when you're changing her diaper. maybe she doesn't look like an exact replica of charlie in this picture? it's hard to tell.

they do look pretty similar here.  

and one of my favorites.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 months.

wow! 4 whole months.

ave 4 months

oh baby girl, i have loved these past few months with you.  i say this every month but i can't believe how much you've changed in the past 30 days!  you started off this month pretty sick but recovered after a few weeks.  you also had your last day of daycare bringing your total days at daycare to 4.  not terribly bad.  it's been a challenge for your dad and i to juggle schedules and working while you're awake but it's worth it to have the time with you and know you're getting good care.  sleep was a bit challenging this month between you being sick and going through a phase where you didn't want to sleep anywhere but next to me but towards the end of the month you finally started sleeping well and are now waking up usually once to eat and sleeping for around 12 hours a night.  your dad and i are looking forward to watching you grow up even more in the next month.

4 months firsts

4 month loves

i hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow
and each road leads you where you want to go
and if you're faced with the choice and you have to choose
i hope you choose the one that means the most to you.

Friday, April 20, 2012


"children are made readers on the laps of their parents."

well, maybe.  my sister was read to all the time and she's not a huge fan of reading.  but i doubt it can hurt.


i think it's working.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

hangin' out.





there's nothing i love more than just hanging out with the people i love.
charlie was out of town the past few days but avery's been extra good to make up for losing a set of hands. wednesday was a great day.  i was working but i got a ton of work done and avery was happy and napped really well all day long.  i didn't work today and took advantage of my day off by sneaking in a nap with avery, a walk with the dogs, and some errand running.  i cannot believe she turns 4 months tomorrow!  i was packing away some of her clothes that are too small and they now seem so small compared to the ones she's wearing now.  they say babies double their birth weight by 4 months but i think she's probably a little over that right now.  we'll find out when we go to the doctor's next week.  charlie's home now and i'm looking forward to spending some time with both of my favorite people this weekend.    

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bumbo and books.



we're really loving the bumbo around here.  it's how we work, eat, clean and play too.  
avery's a pretty big fan, too.  she's recently decided that she's too big for laying on her back, pacifiers, and her activity mat.  the day that she figured out how to roll over was the same day that she refused to take a pacifier again.  she's never been a huge fan but liked them when she was trying to fall asleep.  not any more.  she's even becoming less interested in sucking on her thumb when she's upset.  and the activity mat is now only cool if she's standing up, which means i spend a lot of time helping her 'stand' while she grabs multiple toys at once and stares at herself in the mirror.  

she's now into her board books (we have tons), chomping on sophie, and grabbing things like my hat and nose and the dog's ear and the cat's tail.  good thing she's still into being held and sneaking morning naps with me because those are my favorite.

Monday, April 16, 2012


napping while running errands.

we did nothing special this weekend except for sleep until 8:30 on saturday which was magical.  
it was cold, rainy, and windy which meant we spent most of our time inside playing with avery and hanging out.  charlie cleaned the whole house on saturday while avery and i went out for a walk which was a really, really nice treat for us to come home to.


aside from the usual weekend stuff, avery practiced rolling over although she's still refusing to roll front to back, preferring to scream until either charlie i roll her over again.  and we also made some trips to home depot and lowes to look at paint and all of the expensive things we're going to have to buy.  and then we drove passed our soon-to-be house just because.

bundled up on saturday morning.  can i call this sweatshirt vintage?

roll me back over!

she's so cute.  i can't believe she'll be 4 months in just 4 days!  crazy.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

it's the little things ...

ready to roll.
it's been a while.  lots of little things to be thankful for.

...  watching charlie rock the baby to sleep.
...  quick weeknight dinners that still meet the definition of cooking. 
...  family visits. 
...  avery falling asleep in target = wandering around the store to let her sleep.
...  re-reading farmer boy for the first time in probably 20-some years.
...  books in the dollar section at target.
...  charlie taking the recycling out.
...  the black bean burger at smasburger.
...  friday night pizza night. 
...  putting avery to bed at 7.
...  baby snuggles in the early morning.
...  ollie sleeping on top of me.
...  midnight thunderstorms.
...  watching charlie read to avery.
...  a rollin', movin' baby.
...  the huge smile i get first thing in the morning.
...  rocking the baby in the middle of the night.
...  a clean baby.
... baby laundry. 
...  amazon subscribe and save.
...  pasta jays for lunch.
...  touch and feel books.
... the bumbo & sophie, especially on work days.
...  books. 
...  70 degree weather on the weekends.
...  spring.

Thursday, April 12, 2012







i love the look of intense concentration that she gets when she's trying to figure something out.  
in this case, how to get that giraffe's face in her mouth.  

also, there is a lot of pink going on in these pictures.  the bumbo, the pants, the shirt.  i never thought i'd be one to have this much pink going on, but suddenly i have a daughter and all i want to do is buy pink clothes, paint pink walls, and make pink curtains.  who knew?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

so serious.




i couldn't pick just one.  

this little lady has just 3 days (hopefully less depending on charlie's schedule) of daycare left until she'll be home with us full-time.  i know it's going to be crazy juggling work and taking care of a baby, but after doing it for over two months at least i know what to expect.  i feel so lucky to work for a company that's willing to be beyond flexible with my schedule.  i'm not sure how long this is going to work out for but we're just going to take it one day at a time or just 'ride the wave' as i told charlie tonight.  i'm looking forward to more time with her but mostly i'm looking forward to her getting the care and attention that she deserves right now.  the fact that i get to keep my job is a much appreciated bonus. 

for as much as we have going on in our lives right now with a new-ish baby, changes for me at work, and buying a home i really feel so content with where our lives are right now.  we've been very blessed with supportive family, jobs, etc and i don't want to forget how lucky we are to have the opportunities we have.  i feel very fortunate that both of us are able to spend as much time together and with avery as we do.  and there are so many times during the day that i stop and think about just how right things feel right now.  we've had to make some hard decisions but i can honestly say that once i made the decision to pull avery out of daycare, i felt nothing but relief.  it was a situation i never felt good about and i'm very grateful we were able to make the decision we did.  i'm not sure how long this situation is going to work out for but for now i am grateful for it each and every day. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


... we went hiking on saturday at chautauqua.  we didn't make it far before the screaming from the baby forced us to turn around.  better luck next time i suppose.
avery's first hike.  it was short lived.

...  avery's first easter was a success.  she got dressed up, got some very sweet gifts from family and friends, and lasted an entire 1.5 hours in church.
ready for church.

...  we got a bumbo seat a few days ago.  i've resisted getting one for a while since i never really saw the point but i love it now that we have it.  it's a place that i can put avery and she can't get out of and she actually really likes it.  it's been really useful in the kitchen when i'm cooking or washing dishes.

...  sleep has been all over the place lately.  on friday avery napped for a total of 30 minutes the entire day.  i tried everything in the books, we rocked, we walked, we nursed, we went for a walk in the stroller, we went for a drive, i laid down with her and nothing.  and at night since she's finally over her cold and is now rolling over we stopped propping her up on an angle and she's had a hard time staying asleep.  the hours between 3 am and 5 am have not been easy these past few nights.
lazy saturday morning

...  avery rolled over from back to front a few days ago and i know she can roll from front to back too, although i have yet to see her do it i've only seen the evidence.  no more leaving her on the couch while i run to the kitchen.
  riding the dog in encouraged

...  it was so nice to have my mom here last week.  i wish she could have stayed longer and i know that avery enjoyed having the constant attention.  

Monday, April 9, 2012


family on easter.

"being a family means you are a part of something wonderful.
it means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.
no matter what."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter.

we had a great easter sunday.  
avery and i went to church in the morning, which she loved for the first hour.
and then we drove up to fort collins and bbq'd with some friends.

my two favorite people.
my two favorite people.

love this girl.
thanks grandma and 'marky' for the easter dress.

Friday, April 6, 2012

growing up.

i swear avery's growing by leaps and bounds lately.  2 weeks ago her 0-3 months were too big, one week ago they fit her perfectly, and now they're too small and the 3-6 months are fitting her really well.  also, when i pick her up she just feels bigger.  
she's now rolling over from back to front like it's no big deal.  she was trying pretty hard for a few days and once she finally figured out how to get her arm out from underneath her she's been flipping over every time she's put on her back.  no more leaving her on the changing table while i fold laundry or run to the bathroom.  

riding the dog like it's no big deal.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A little big.

"life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- annette funicello.

and i have to be honest, life with the people i love is pretty darn wonderful.


things have been pretty busy around here between work, charlie being gone, buying a house, and soaking up every spare minute with avery.  charlie flew in from hawaii on wednesday and we were both working from home, trying to take care of avery, and also attempting to get a home loan that afternoon.  at one point i looked over our laptops at him and said 'i can't keep doing this'.  between avery getting sick, charlie being away, and trying to work i've been completely overwhelmed with the un-fun life stuff.  and while some things are good and exciting, like avery growing up and buying a house (i would argue this isn't fun or exciting), sometimes i just long for some slow, simple days where my house is clean, the laundry is done, and there's food in the fridge.  

my mom's visiting us now (hi mom) and it's been really nice to just sit back and enjoy each other's company.  it's also nice being around someone who's as much in love with my daughter as i am.  we've been walking, eating, and playing with avery which is my favorite way to fill my days.  

she brought with her some clothes from grandma and 'marcus' and avery tried them all on for us to make sure they fit.  they're going to be great for summer!

first, the dresses!  they're so cute and will be great for those hot summer days.


the eyes are still staying blue.



my favorite.  dress and picture.  i think this would make a perfect easter dress.

and some rompers.



now we just need the warm weather to come back so she can wear these before she outgrows them!  i'm off to enjoy family before i head back to work tomorrow.