Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peace out September ...

... I'll miss you. September is my favorite month. Not gonna lie, I'm a little sad that it's over. At least this year it was an awesome month. My favorites of the month ...

Larimer St.

... My birthday. [Even though this is the second year in a row I've wished I could eat cake without getting a year older.]
... Alex's visit! Come back soon!
... Fall. Cool temps, leaves changing, rainy days.
... Labor Day weekend. I love a 3 day weekend.
... BBQs. Making the most out of our baby grill.
... Cooking a pot roast. mmm ... meat.
... School. Aside from the ridiculous amount of homework & tests.
... Trips to the mountains.
... Mums. So pretty.
... Candy corn. No it's not just a halloween thing.
... Pumpkin cupcakes. I mentioned just how awesome they were.
... My new ipod. [ok, I just stole Charlie's, but it's new for me.]
... sushi on Fridays. I think Henry likes that he gets to walk up to the sushi place with me and then gets my fortune cookie.
... How I Met Your Mother is back. The one fall show that I watch.

Some weeks ...

are just rough. This is one of them for me. I knew this week was going to kick my ass from the start; I just didn't realize how much. Last night I got home from an insanely hard test (the kind where you can't even remember your own name afterwards) and then a hard class after (the kind where the professor calls on people at random through out the night. Oh, and I get called on a lot because my name is "cool" & was in a Bob Marley song.) Last night it went like this:

Professor: [insert my last name here] Can you pronounce this word? It's french. You're french.
Me: The only french word I can say is my name.
Professor: Ok, well then tell me why this friction coefficient has units of time.
Me: I have absolutely no idea.
Professor: Do you think that Manning knew when he made up this equation?
Me: Probably not. That doesn't make any sense.
Professor: You're right. He had no idea.


Then I get home ... ate dinner ... and changed into some comfortable clothes. A few hours later I realized I put my shirt on backwards. The only reason I realized this is because I was wearing an old lifeguarding shirt and when I looked down I saw a giant cross & thought, "that can't be right". Then I realized that the thing that had been poking me in my neck all night long was the tag for the shirt. Thats right, last night I lost the ability to successfully dress myself.

I am looking forward to spending a part of this weekend cuddled up with my animals. Oh, and reading the new Dan Brown book. If I don't read it soon Charlie's going to tell me what happened and that would just not be good for our relationship.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Haha .... I'm laughing already & I haven't even written this post. So Charlie got back from a wedding this weekend & as we're driving back from the airport our conversation went something like this...

D: How was the wedding?
C: Good. Except some old lady kept calling me a whore.
D: *laughing* What?!
C: Yeah, I was dancing and she kept pointing at me going "you whore!"
D: What?! Why? Were you dancing dirty?
C: No! I finally went up and asked her why she was calling me a whore and she said "it's because you're a man".
D: *laughing*

So apparently the wedding went well, but watch out for little old ladies at these things. I laugh every time I think about it because I can just picture how mad Charlie probably was. Maybe it's because he was dancing like this ...

My dancing queen.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear weekend,


... please come back. I didn't get half the things done that I was supposed to.

p.s. thank you for the amazing weather.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my other love.

I realize I talk about Henry more than Dunkin. I've definitely been accused of playing favorites. Part of that is because that Henry is such a goofball. He's always doing something amusing. Although, in his case amusing = bad. Yesterday he took a bite out of a bird. Don't worry he only got feathers, unlike the last time ...

Dunkin is much different.
He's older.
He's a rule follower.
He's the dog that waits for me on the trail.

Dunkin waiting.

He's my protector when Charlie's out of town.


He's the one that always listens, never runs away, never chases rodents.
He's the dog that sleeps under my desk when I study. (ok, with me on the bed)

Studying hard.

We go way back to when Charlie and I were dating, before we lived together. I used to stop by and take him for walks when Charlie was at school.
Charlie has accused me on more than one occasion of loving Dunkin more than him.
[Such a lie.]

Best buds.

But really, he's the best. Maybe not as funny, but just as lovable.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Husband + baking = pumpkin cupcakes


Last night, I convinced Charlie to bake these awesome cupcakes.
Pumpkin with cream cheese frosting.
They are my new favorite dessert. Sadly, Charlie hates them.
This means that I'll have to consume 24 cupcakes all by myself.
I almost killed him for throwing away half of the cupcake he didn't like.
I think I have a dessert problem.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, Jeep ...

Jeep replacement

Now I know what you're thinking, "that is not a Jeep", and you're right, it's not. WHY is it not a Jeep? Well, that's a good question. That's not a Jeep because Jeep sucks. That's not a Jeep because they make shitty cars that refused to ever be fixed. That's not a Jeep because our Jeep is a piece of crap that would rather spend its time in the mountains then with us. That's not a Jeep because even though labor prices are twice as high in the mountains they still can't fix a vehicle. That's not a Jeep because the gods are enjoying messing with us as much as possible. Take your pick.

So I mentioned before that Charlie's Jeep sort of got stuck in the mountains. And then that they couldn't fix it because the part was on backorder. Anyway, they finally were able to fix it, and on Friday we drove out to get it. We pick it up and on the way back I notice that the Jeep is spewing smoke like it's on fire. So I call Charlie. No answer. I call again. No answer. I honk. Nothing. Finally I cut him off and pull over on the side of the interstate. People must have thought I was some crazed lunatic. Honking, swerving, yelling and waving my phone. I was lucky there were no cops around. Anyway, we pull over and notice that not only is it smoking it's leaking fluid. A lot of it. Lovely. So we call the Jeep dealer and they're like "bring it back". Ok, I officially hate you.

We got back to the dealer and it was like pulling into a garage at the Indy 500. About 5 people come running up, pop the hood, start looking under the car ... all to say, yeah, it's definitely leaking fluid. Hmmm ... do you think the trail leading into the garage might have given that one away?

So now we're waiting and waiting and waiting for them to fix it. Finally, they figure out that they can't fix it because they have no idea where the leak is coming from. Awesome. So they gave us that fancy car as a loaner for a while. I finally feel like a Coloradan. I figure about 99.76% of the population drive Subarus.

Now the fancy loaner Forester is a stick shift, which my ever supportive, husband told me, "you can't drive this. You don't really know how to drive a manual. You do it wrong." What? I do it wrong? Do I get from point A to B without stalling, grinding gears, or causing traffic pile ups? Seriously, he should really know me better at this point. I am like a 3 year old. Tell me not to touch something; I'm going to touch it. Tell me I can't drive the car; you can bet I'm going to drive it. So of course I did. And of course I could. I mean, there's really only one way to drive a stick shift. Unless you're driving a race car or unless I'm missing something. I'm hoping that we can just keep this and leave the Jeep at the dealer. I doubt it. I can't imagine anyone wanting to keep that Jeep.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So, I turned the job down. :(

A little background: I was offered a short term job (8 weeks) starting next week. However, the time conflicted majorly with school. I would have had to completely miss my Friday class (which, only happens once a week) and miss half of another class because I wouldn't be able to get there on time. This job would have lead to a full-time position next year, which is something I really wanted.

I decided not to take the job for a lot of reasons. But mainly, I already shelled out tuition money for the semester, which I can't get any back. And as Charlie reminded me, I did actually move to Colorado to go to school. I knew that working full time and going to school full time wasn't going to work. Even though it was only for 8 weeks, it would be enough to mess up my semester.

What sucks is that when I called to turn down the offer, the woman couldn't get me off the phone fast enough. I had really wanted to explain the entire situation to her so that she understood that I tried to make it work and that I hadn't just wasted her time by showing up to the interview.

I'm going to go take this guy for a walk and then study some more before my classes.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ok, sometimes it's the big things

I don't believe in fate, karma, destiny, or any of those things. And I realize there are larger things than a job, like family, friends, etc. and all of that good stuff. But sometimes I think that if there really is a big man up there he's got one hell of a sense of humor. I can't get interviews for most of the jobs I apply for [ones that really, I don't want]. Internships have completely eluded me, in part because of the massive applicant pool and also because I keep applying for internships I'm not qualified for. But the jobs ... I'm way TOO qualified for.

And then there's the jobs that I really really want. The stuff that I did before I moved to Colorado and always had plans to return to. Those jobs, I get offers for, and because of some small, tiny detail can never take. I was just recently offered another one that would be nearly impossible for me to take because I happened to think it was a good idea to take a full load of classes this semester. It's too late to drop the class, but if I turn this position down, it closes a lot of doors. A lot. Stupid masters degree. Stupid Colorado state rules. Stupid me for taking so many stupid classes.

Ok, rant over.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's the little things ...

Glacial Lake.

... a cold, rainy Saturday = an excuse to stay in all day.
... a pot roast cooking in the oven.
... eating the pot roast with warm crusty bread.
... raindrops on the window.
... getting ready for fall.
... easy homework.
... snuggling with Henry.
... sleeping in a bed piled with quilts.
... the sound of a cork popping out of a new bottle of wine.
... a good movie on t.v.
... cozy sweaters.
... mums. [the flowers]
... a clean house.
... Friends re-runs.
... clean laundry.
... getting a seat on the bus.
... aspen trees turning yellow.
... a good hike.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hiking Breck.

This post could probably also be entitled "My dumb dog" but I think I have too many of those. The past week one of my friends from high school/college was visiting. Despite only having 1 car and having to walk to Sprouts 3 times a day for food, we had a great time. She cooked for us, cleaned for us, exercised the dogs, and took a million pictures. I turn my houseguests into slaves. What? They have to earn their keep.

Anyway, we went to Breckenridge on Monday to hike and have lunch. We did the McCullough Gulch hike, which was described as having "majestic waterfalls & unsurpassed beauty". I think who ever wrote that description might have been slightly high at the time. It was pretty and nice, but majestic? Not so much. I was expecting waterfalls that rival Hawaii after that. It was pretty much just water flowing over rock.

There were some pretty views.

Giantess and I.

But be careful that you don't wander off the trail. People don't mess around in the mountains.

Watch out for guns.

Of course I'm too cool to be scared of an angry man with a shotgun.

Rules do not apply to me.

The hike ended at a glacier fed lake. At this point Charlie wandered off in one direction & Alex, Henry, and I followed the trail. And then Henry realized that Charlie was on the opposite side of the lake and decided he had to follow him. So he jumped into the lake, which was freezing, and then slowly started to slow down ...

10 seconds from hypothermia.
If you look closely you can seen Henry (tiny black dot in the water) and Charlie, closer to the ice.

Sadly, my dog is not the smartest of the bunch. He realized that Charlie was close and that I was on the other side of the lake, and couldn't decided which way to go. By the way, this water is FREEZING, and spending too much time in it would most definitely lead to hypothermia. So I decided to run to the opposite side of the lake and get him out.

Saving Henry.
You can see Henry (who at this point had at least jumped out of the lake) and I'm the tiny green shape in the middle of all the shrubs.

Once I got him back to where we were he was shaking so badly I decided to put my jacket on him to help him warm up. Even after he had the jacket on it took him a while just to stop shaking. Silly dog.
Cold pupper.

He recovered, we hiked back down, and made it back to Breck for some lunch. And it only took us 3 hours to get home that night. I had completely forgotten about all of the traffic that we would hit.

Note: All of these pictures (except for the one she's in) were taken by the lovely, talented, soon-to-be UK resident, Alex. She threatened to use her fancy law degree to sue me for copyright infringement if I didn't credit her.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a life...

Head out the window.