Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fluffy white stuff

Oh yeah, we got some. A lot, if you want to get technical. And since Charlie was out of town and totally depressed that he was missing the first storm of the year he made me take lots of pictures.

Snow Day
This was yesterday ... we have a lot more now.

Picnic Lunch
Picnic lunch?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's still fall, it's still fall...

I have to keep reminding myself that. Since it was snowing. Again. For the second time in October. Luckily the rain came and washed all of the snow away. I love a good rainy fall day. Snow is for winter.

Luckily there's lots of trees with their leaves still on them & pretty leaves all over the ground. Reminding me that it's still my favorite season.

Walk to the mailbox.
Henry keeps me company on the walk to the mailbox.

Fire hydrant.
It's hard to take a picture while holding on to a rabbit-chasing dog.
I like the fire hydrant in this picture.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's the little things ...

So I had an exceptionally whiney week last week. I figured this was overdue.


... WARM fall weather. After a frozen baseball game I was happy to see the temps warm up.
... getting curtains hung up.
... cleaning the house on a Friday so I don't have to do it this weekend.
... weeknight movies with the dude.
... a free dinner.
... Fat Tire.
... long walks with my dogs.
... a vanilla candle.
... FINALLY getting my teaching license from Colorado.
... getting a package in the mail from my mom. cookies and a book. awesome.
... quesadillas on a Friday night.
... someone actually fixing the Jeep. Let's hope when we pick it up this time it's for good.
... the bus actually showing up.
... Larimer Street at night.
... my family buying tickets to come and visit us.
... Animal Planet.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Leave it!

Leave it!
Maybe if I squeeze my eyes shut I won't be able to see it ...

Leave it! 2
Look away! There is no treat on my foot.

Leave it! 3
Ok, there was a treat on my foot and it was delicious. mmmm.....

Leave it! 4
aaaaahhhhh ... all gone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 or 4?

So this is not all that exciting BUT I'm looking for some opinions. We got some curtains today and while I'm excited to finally have some, I'm not all that excited about the ones that I picked (and then destroyed the packaging making them nonreturnable). Oops.

So the curtains are staying ... but my question is should I go with 3 or 4? I bought 4 because they came in packages of 2 (so I had no choice). My original plan was to go with 3 but now I'm not so sure.

So here they are. It's the white that I'm not so crazy about. I just couldn't decide on a color. So the question is ... should I keep 2 on the small window or just 1?


and in case it helps ... here's a bigger shot of the space.



Monday, October 12, 2009

Rocktober '09


So Charlie and I braved the cold last night to go watch the Rockies play. We originally had tickets to see Saturday's game. Since it was so cold on Saturday they postponed the game to Sunday night. I have to say, I'm really glad they did because I barely survived sitting through 5 hours of 20 degree weather. I can't imagine what it would have been like if it was 10 degrees colder. Charlie thinks I'm a huge baby, but I'm always cold. Always. I wear sweaters and scarves when it's 60 degrees out. I was looking around at people last night in sweatshirts, thinking they were absolutely crazy.

Anyway, despite the cold (& the loss) we had a great time.

National Anthem. Before things got really cold.

go Rox.
Massive amount of balloons. I'm sure releasing that many balloons at once is just fabulous for the earth. I hear rubber degrades almost as fast as plastic.

Our first playoff baseball game. (The O's haven't made it to the playoffs in a looong time.)
This was before I added 3 hoods, 2 pairs of gloves, and a comforter. Charlie didn't even zip his jacket up.

coldest playoff game.
Even though we lost it was a really good game. And depending on what your source is it was either the coldest playoff baseball game in history or tied for the coldest.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snowy Saturday

It is freaking snowing in October. I totally lost the bet with Charlie about when it would snow. I had my money on December. I know it was a long shot, but isn't October a little early for snow?

Henry totally disagrees with me. He loves the snow probably almost as he loves rabbits and injured birds. When he saw that it was snowing this morning he started whining and jumping up and down and has stopped only to stare intently out the window.

Snowy Henry

The dogs ran around like crazies for about 30 minutes until I couldn't take it any more and dragged them back inside.

Snowy Dunkin
Dunkin looks like he's flying in this picture.

We have tickets to the Rockies game tonight. I'm really hoping that they either postpone it until tomorrow or somehow it warms up about 30 degrees during the day. If not I will totally be that crazy person in my ski pants, hopped up on hot chocolate.

But for now I'm enjoying sitting by the fire with Toby & drinking lots and lots of coffee.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Thursday night ...

I am so sleepy and it's so early. I wish I could explain how tired I am of studying. I feel like I've put up with a ridiculous amount of bullshit from adults this week. Way more than I used to when I had to deal with 125 15 year olds all day long. Frankly, I'd take the teenagers.

This week I ...

1. missed Charlie and my car. [He was gone for a bit.]
2. almost killed a guy in one of my classes. He called me a housewife. If looks could kill he'd be dead right now. I think what annoyed me the most was that he was so condescending about it all. So what if I was one? How does this make you better than me? Also, I'm not. I'm a full time student.
3. managed to spend $50 at Sprouts and the only thing I remember walking out with was yogurt. I have no idea where the rest of the money went.
4. spent 15 hours working on 1 freaking, stupid, worthless homework assignment. It was 10 flipping pages long. Not cool.
5. cleaned up dog puke. Awesome.
6. managed to spill candle wax all over a glass table. And still have yet to clean it up.
7. drank A LOT of coffee.
8. lost a wine glass. Ok, it broke. It's not like I got so drunk I misplaced it.
9. cuddled with my dogs.
10. am so sick of baseball. I don't think I can stand to listen/watch another minute of it.
11. ran out of wine. [Maybe it's because of all the baseball.]
12. got a free parking ticket from a very nice girl.
13. watched rain turn to snow. NOT COOL, Denver. Not cool.
14. decided Henry would make a good devil for Halloween.
15. did all the work on a group lab. Grrrr...
16. ate Wendy's.
17. and lots of lemon drops.

Looking forward to the snowy weekend. The hubs is looking forward to more baseball ...

Think they'll look like this by Sunday?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For sale:

2008 Jeep Patriot.

Comes out of gear on occasion. Not recommended for highway driving. Freshly burned clutch smell intensified when using heating or a.c.. Driving with windows open is advised.

Membership to "It's a Jeep thing" club complimentary upon purchase. However, waving to wrangler drivers is not advised.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's fall in Colorado.


We were supposed to take a trip to the mountains today to check out the aspens. Sadly, that didn't happen. But I did take a break from studying to take the dogs out.


Henry thought he was pretty cool climbing on rocks ...

Too cool.

... and then he got bored with picture taking and ran off to find some rabbits.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's the little things ...

This is so long overdue. And after the week I had, I figured this would be good for me. Did I mention that on Friday it took me 2 1/2 hours to get to class? This involved walking 4 miles to a bus stop. Waiting for a late bus and then sprinting the last 5 blocks to school because I had a presentation to give. I officially hate public transportation. Especially when it doesn't show up.


... a cold beer on a Friday night.
... happy hours.
... pizza on a Friday night.
... watching a movie with the fire on.
... my cat cuddling in my lap. (it's cold now, so he's friends with me again.)
... Charlie getting his car back. Hopefully it stays with us this time.
... Monday morning coffee at our favorite place.
... Dunkin dog. He thinks it's his job to protect me from the world.
... piles of "fun reading" on my nightstand.
... cooking quesadillas on a random Wednesday.
... wine. (it's been one of those weeks.)
... an early walk on a gorgeous fall Saturday.
... Rocktober. (This one's for Charlie.)
... looking forward to sunshine, warm weather, and a BEACH in January.
... pumpkin carving season is right around the corner.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today I ...

forgot how old I was. This guy in my class asked me how old I was. (In response to me telling him I didn't have kids ... which already makes me feel old.) Do I look that old that when I tell you I'm childless you have to double-check to make sure I haven't passed my child-bearing years? Ugh.

Anyway, he asked. I wanted to say 24. Then I realized that not only was I not 24 but the only reason that sounded right was because Charlie and I had previously had a conversation about how old Tulowitzki is. He's 24 in case you're wondering. [I happened to know that, which I think should score me some mad "awesome wife" points.]

After realizing I was not 24 I was torn between 25 and 26. [Please keep in mind this is an actual debate in my head. I seriously could not figure out how old I was.] So I went with 25. Sounded about right. And I like the age 25. Smack in the middle of your 20s ... a good place to be. After telling him I was 25 I realized that couldn't be right. So then I told him I was 26. But that sounded too old. So I went back to 25. (At this point he's looking at me like I have 5 heads, and like he's sorry that he asked.) But then I realized I just had a birthday. So I decided (again) on 26.

Then, trying to explain my stupidity, (I mean really, what kid over the age of 1 doesn't know their age?), I tried to explain that I was confused because I had just turned 26. Didn't work out so well.

This really has been a long week. Can't wait to explain environmental economics to 30 people tomorrow. I can barely explain it to my dog.

P.S. I realize there are about 100 grammatical errors in this post. It's late. I'm tired. Let it go.