Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...but the fire is so delightful

So I've been whining about a lot of things recently: not having a job, getting waitlisted for school, not having a job, being lonely for christmas, not having a job.... you get the idea. So I decided to remind myself about some of the things I'm lucky to have.

1. Charlie and I watched Planet in Peril last week. It really made me thankful that I was born
in this country. Obviously, things could be better and this isn't a great time economically, etc. but I am SO lucky to have the life I do. Seeing how some people were forced to live, find food, work... it made me really thankful.
2. It's been freeeeezing lately. I mean freezing. I'm an east coast girl. I'm used to warm
winters. Snow occasionally but mostly rain. The past three days we've had sub-zero temps. The dogs have icicles hanging off of their faces when they go out. But, I have a nice warm fireplace that I've been spending a lot of time by. And a large bottle of wine to go with
it. :)
3. It's Christmastime! We have snow on the ground, a tree, and everywhere I go is decorated.
4. My family is healthy, happy, busy and coming to visit soon!
5. Uh, my fiance. He's a pretty cool guy. Supportive, fun, and willing to drag me up mountains when I've given up.
6. Puppies who keep my feet warm. I mentioned it's cold. Dogs are warm, and when they sit under your desk they're better than slippers. Which is good because they ate my slippers.

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