Monday, May 9, 2011

it's the little things ...


... waking up slowly on a saturday morning.
... reading a book in bed before breakfast.
... opening all the windows in the house.
... sitting outside in the grass, playing with the dogs.
... eating lunch outside on the balcony.
... taking henry for a long, slow walk.
... giving the dogs ice cubes.
... taking the dogs to the reservoir for the first swim of the season.
... wearing shorts and a tank top.
... getting just a little sunburnt.
... 2 clean and tired dogs.
... reading a book outside while drinking lemonade.
... grilling out hot dogs.
... taking a late afternoon nap on the couch.
... eating hot dogs while listening to the rockies game and reading fiction.
... falling asleep in a bed with clean, white sheets, with the windows open, and a husband who is home.

*i'm back. school is (almost) over. and i had the best lazy day on saturday. after months of winter, studying, working, and zero free time it was perfect.


CT mom said...

Welcome back! I've missed your "little things" lists and great photos :>

Julie said...

Welcome back!