Saturday, January 26, 2013

a monthly update.

so apparently i sort of went off grid for a bit there.  work has been busy and honestly by the time that i'm done working at the end of the day the last thing i want to do is look at a computer.  however, i owe a lot of people some emails and phone calls, so i'm back or trying to be.  and here's all the super exciting things that have been going on in our lives the past month.  


+  avery has been incredibly clingy and cranky.  i think she's getting her one year old molars, but man they have been brutal.  two weeks ago she would not let me put her down all week long.  like she screamed bloody murder whenever i tried.  not fun.  especially when you have other obligations in life besides holding a baby all day long.  i also think she needs some more toys.  i know everyone always says that their house explodes with toys when they have a baby but we have the opposite problem.  i give her a toothrush and a bowl when she needs something to play with and she's pretty much over being amused by those things.  we'll be making a target/toy store/consignment store run on monday for sure.  

+  i've been cooking a lot.  and i'm not going to lie, i'm pretty dang proud of myself.  i suck at cooking but i've been making sure we have a meal on the table every night.  we ate out once so far but everything else has been cooked at home.  and no frozen pizza or peanut butter and honey sandwiches for dinner!  i'm hoping to keep this up.  i think they key for me will be monthly meal planning because weekly is just such a pain.  i'm still in need of some meals to cook that are quick and easy.  on the downside our grocery bills have been insane.  it's so frustrating how expensive good food is.  

pretty sure she would have squeezed that starfish to death if I let her.
she touched the starfish!  (and i held the tarantula but charlie was too scared to do it, too.)


+  we took avery to the butterfly pavilion and aquarium the other weekend.  i had free passes from a coworker to the butterfly pavilion and after that we just decided to drive to the aquarium.  avery LOVED it.  and could not stop oohing and ahhing over everything.  apparently fish are her thing.  although i'm pretty sure the tiger at the aquarium wanted to eat avery.  seriously, that thing was stalking her.  (side note:  i found it odd that an aquarium had no dolphins but had tigers.)


+  i bought avery some new shoes because she definitely needed them.  at this point we're still just using shoes to keep her feet warm because she still has zero interest in actually walking.  i'm thinking she's going to be one of those super late walkers.  obviously not a surprise when she's 13 months and showing zero interest.  she cruises around the house all the time but throws a fit if we try and help her walk or stand.  she loves wearing shoes, though.  



+  she is still madly in love with the animals and they've all been pretty tolerant of her.  charlie sent me a video the other day when i was at the office of her playing with henry and she was literally prying his mouth open and shoving her hand inside.  she also beats up on the cats regularly and when we try to make her be gentle she'll say 'gentle' and pet him nicely once and then go back to smacking and pulling whiskers.


+  there's a decent chance we may be moving again.  *sigh*  i hate moving and relocating is always tough.  hopefully we'll figure out what we're doing soon because i hate the 'in between' stage of not knowing.  also, if we do have to move we'll (obviously) have to sell our house which is not at all something i'm looking forward to.  i'll be honest, i'm really trying to keep an open mind about all of this but it's been hard.  especially because moving would put us even further away from family.



+  we've had both really cold and really warm weather this month, which probably evened our averages out to make the usual averages.  i've been trying to get outside as much as possible when it's nice and i've been taking advantage of barnes and noble story time when i'm off on mondays.  the other day after a week of really cold weather i tried to make avery a fort.  she was unimpressed.    

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