Wednesday, March 12, 2014

some randomness from the past week.

charlie comes back today.  yay!  we actually had a really good week while he was gone.  there was only one day that was sorta hard because i skipped ellie's morning nap and then she cried and refused to eat or sleep the rest of the day.  sorry e.

we had sort of a mix of cold weather and really nice weather.  we had two 'snow days' and a few really nice days where the windows were open and avery was running inside and outside all evening long.  i forgot how good the sun feels.  one of the things that i like about our deck is that there's a gate on it so that you can keep dogs, kids, whatever on or off the deck.  this wasn't really necessary last year since avery never left it to begin with but i think it'll be nice this year when she wants to be outside but i can't be out there with her.  

these kids are getting sort of cute together.  ellie loves avery and a is so sweet to her when she's upset.    ellie was sitting on the couch and sort of fussing and avery climbed up next to her and was telling her that 'it's okay, el'.  avery also calls ellie 'big sister', which i think is pretty funny. 

avery was upset that charlie didn't answer the phone.

we had a lot of FaceTime this week.  charlie called whenever he could and we talked to my parents as well.  in fact avery had a really long conversation the other day with my mom when i was trying to get ellie to sleep.  i'm not sure that my mom understood half of the things that avery was saying but she tried.  

ellie's getting into grabbing toys.  one of her favorite toys is avery's stuffed tiger.  she loves that thing.  unfortunately that is also avery's favorite toy.  she sleeps with bunny and tiger every night and tiger's even traveled with us.  he's a pretty popular dude.  anyway, avery hates when ellie plays with him.  i just got ellie a stuffed tiger for her easter basket and i'm hoping it's as popular as this guy.  

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