Monday, November 7, 2011

cookies and a crock pot.

i have a confession to make.  
i've never made chocolate chip cookies.  
i realized this the other day and then decided that i had to fix that.
and then i found this recipe on pinterest, which is incidentally the same exact recipe that my mom used when i was growing up.  and unlike me, she made chocolate chip cookies all.the.time..
also, i had a lot of pudding mix so i figured this was a good recipe to make.  
and it was.  
i accidentally added an extra egg.  apparently i can't tell the difference between 2 and 3, but they still tasted just fine.  

all ready to go to the oven.


and then charlie came home from the gym and ate 5 of them.  

in other exciting food news i've been looking for more crock pot recipes because 1. they are awesome 2. they are easy and 3.  i figure they'll come in handy with a new baby.  

i found a few that i'm attempting to try, but i made this recipe for chicken on sunday night.  
it was my first time actually putting raw meat in the crock pot but it turned out really well.  
if you're looking to make it i will say that it cooked really fast.  i'd definitely cook it on low the whole time next time but there definitely will be a next time.  i'm thinking that chicken chili might be next.  

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