Tuesday, November 1, 2011

things i love about fall ...

since the snow came and pretty much ended fall in a few hours i figured i better come up with my little things (fall edition) before i couldn't remember what fall was like.
of course we're due for more snow tomorrow and saturday and charlie has managed to miss all storms by traveling to tropical places like arizona and california.  and then he calls me when he lands in denver and is all 'oh no, i only packed flip flops and shorts and it's so cold'.  it's hard to feel bad for him when i'm scraping snow off my car and attempting to get the dogs to stop running around in the snow and come inside because it's freezing.  this is why we need a yard or for charlie to be home and play with them. 

anyway, this is why fall is awesome:
October leaves.

...  pretty leaves. 
...  yellow aspen trees. 
...  perfect temperature weather.  cold enough to wear jeans and a sweater but not cold enough for jackets.
...  drinking tea at night.
...  hot apple cider. 
...  pumpkin pancakes, and cupcakes, and cakes, and bread. 
...  throwing an extra blanket on the bed.
...  crunchy leaves on the ground. 
...  jack-o-lanterns.
...  kids in costumes.  (not the 18 year olds that dressed up in miniskirts and tried to get candy)
...  apple pies. 
...  chili (or anything) in the crockpot. 
...  mums. one year i will actually get some. 
...  roasting pumpkin seeds.  
...  afternoon walks while the sun is setting.
...  when there's snow in the mountains and sun in denver.
...  getting dark early enough to justify and early bedtime. 
...  riceballs on halloween.
...  dressing henry up in his costume.  yes, he was a squirrel again.  although he's getting a little fat for it.
...  boots. 
...  scarves. 
...  cozy weekends when you're happy to be back inside after a walk or two. 
...  football.  aka watching the broncos lose. 
...  fall tv.  i watch 1 show, but i'm always glad to have it back.

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