Wednesday, October 26, 2011

it snowed ...

maybe not as much as they were predicting, but still a decent enough amount.  especially for october.  
and the best thing is that it didn't really stick to the roads, which made me very happy.Didn't even get a chance to fall.

the dogs were especially happy to see the snow.  henry most of all.  this morning i told him that 'it snowed' and he ran to the window and spent the rest of the morning whining until i took him outside.  

he was very impressed with this stick that he found.

but was happy enough to run around with dunkin before the 'stick' fell off the tree.

and once he was inside he spent the rest of the day staring at his beloved snow
Snowflake watching.

i never mind the first snow of the year.  it's always sort of charming.  between the snow, hot apple cider, and a grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and tomato it was a pretty good day.  
the only thing that was missing was charlie who is playing golf in 90 degree arizona right now.  
he was pretty jealous that we were getting snow and he wasn't.  i think he's one of the few people who would pick snow over golf and sun.  

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