Sunday, October 16, 2011


we had such a relaxing weekend.
which was much needed after a week that seemed never ending.

on friday night charlie and i ran some errands, split an appetizer that was our dinner, and then came home to relax with the animals.
Friday night bone
henry was enjoying his bone.

saturday and sunday were a mix of running more errands, cleaning, grocery shopping, and attending our last baby class at the hospital.  our biggest event for the weekend was getting rid of our cable.  i think i'll miss hgtv and charlie will definitely miss having his pick of football to watch on the weekends, but hopefully we'll read some more books, spend more time eating together, and watch less completely unnecessary tv.

we also took some time this weekend to play with the dogs a bit.  it's starting to look like fall around here even if it doesn't feel like it.

taking a break from playing ball.

Henry and me
oh, and the baby is definitely growing like crazy these days.
less than 2 months! and still so much to do ...


Mary said...

We got rid of cable earlier this year and I have not looked back. Other than not being able to DVR anything, it's been great. I waste more time on the internet than TV now;) But, we can watch Hulu on our TV through the PS3 and we have Netflix.

You look adorable, by the way!

Emily Silver said...

Finally! The bump! You really do look great!! So happy to see a pic of you and little squash. loveya.

Jodie said...

LOVE the bump... so cute!