Sunday, October 2, 2011

weekend in steamboat springs.

charlie and i spent the weekend hanging out in steamboat springs.
it was a really short trip but i swear we have to do more of these.
it's so easy to get away for the weekend and we're surrounded by so many beautiful places that are a pretty quick drive away.
we left friday after work and were home in time for the broncos game on sunday but there's just something about being away from home that's so relaxing.  

the aspens were beautiful which meant that the mountains were full of yellow.

the only thing i wanted to do was to go for a hike.
we ended up doing a really pretty one about an hour or so out of steamboat.
it was down a long, dirt road which probably didn't work out so well for my car.  but it was pretty.

henry had fun running around like a crazy man.  charlie was worried we all were going to get eaten by bears.

go right
we went right.

gold creek waterfall
we turned around at the waterfall even though the trail continues up to the lake in another 2 miles.

saturday morning we got coffee and then walked around a park in steamboat before we left.
while we sat on a bench and drank coffee, henry ran around like a crazy dog.

crazy pup

crazy pup

and then we walked along the creek for a bit before we left. 
we came thisclose to seeing a bear.  there were some flyfishermen in the creek who told us that there was a bear in the creek up ahead but it crossed the creek before we got there. 
charlie was happy and i was disappointed.

steamboat park

it was so nice to get away.
i'm thinking we're going to have to do a weekend trip once a season.
or just winter, summer, and fall since spring is just cold and muddy.
charlie's vote is for telluride this winter although i'm thinking something closer and cheaper might be nice since it'll be three of us instead of just two.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

What beautiful photos! And you look amazing, too! Glad you had a great weekend.