Thursday, March 7, 2013

a bit of randomness...

... we got some snow a week or so ago and i tried to take avery out in it for a bit but she was hating all of the wind. i tried putting sunglasses on her but she kept pulling them off. the next day the news headline was "denver buried by blizzard" which I thought was a bit dramatic but it was nice to get some snow. I feel like we haven't had any all winter. I took the dogs out to run around for awhile and they had a blast. We also made French toast for breakfast that morning. And by we I mean Charlie. And we may even have made some bacon as well. It was a pretty good snow day in my book.

... I'm looking for a nanny for Avery. I still have mixed feelings about this but I'm trying to find someone to come once a week so that I can go into the office or just get a bunch of work done while someone else is playing with her. There's a part of me that's nervous to do this but I think it might be good for her, too. She's really attached to me and sometimes won't even go to Charlie without a fight. I know this can be really normal for a kid her ago but I think it would be good to figure out that other people can be fun and comforting, too. I haven't had much luck yet with the search. But I'm being pretty picky and I don't think that what I'm advertising is all that appealing to a lot of people since it's so part time.

 ... In other work news, I am officially an independent contractor as of last week. I didn't realize how much of a pain this was going to be before I got into it and now I'm trying to figure out invoicing, and sepIRAs, and how to file quarterly taxes. Also, I am missing direct deposit because I hate going to the bank.

 ... Avery's standing! And learning new words every day. Some recent ones that she's picked up are toes, owl, whoo-whoo, and bow (to tell the dogs to bow). She also says gentle every time she pets the cats, which is pretty cute. She's been getting better about actually being gentle with them lately.

... I am getting over mastitis for the second time in 2 months. This time was definitely worse than the first. I always laugh when I read about the treatment for it because everyone advises bed rest. Which would be fabulous but isn't very realistic. I have been climbing into bed a lot earlier lately because feeling like you have the flu will make you not want to do much of anything else. After a day of working and chasing after Avery, I'm tired!

she brings me the books and the blanket. 
 ... I'm trying to figure out what I want our Easter traditions to be. We haven done much in the past and Charlie's vote is for doing nothing but I'd like for us to dye eggs the night before, have a small Easter basket that morning with an Easter egg hunt, and cooking a nice dinner that night. We'll see how this year goes since last year all that happened was that Avery and I went to church and then left after 2 hours because she started freaking out.

... We're planning on heading back to Maryland in June and here's a million things I want to do while we're there. I'm excited we're going in the summer because I want to take Avery to the beach when it's warm enough to go swimming. I also want to take her to the Baltimore aquarium and then back to DC for the air and space museum and the natural history museum. I'm not sure how we're going to squish all of that plus a wedding! into a week.

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