Friday, March 29, 2013

still around ...

i'm back.  and with more pictures of avery!  flickr and i got in a fight for a bit but we're friends now so i can actually log into my account.  it's funny how without pictures i have little motivation to blog.  

here's how things are in our little world.  


01.  winter refuses to leave colorado just yet.  i swear that every weekend this month we've had a snowstorm.  as much as i'm happy that we're finally getting snow, i'd rather the temperatures would warm up and dump some rain on us.  i think we all have cabin fever.  we took avery out last weekend to play in the snow and she had a blast.  she loves watching the dogs run around and play with each other and she loved how charlie would built a fort around her and then let her knock it down.  the extra big snowsuit that we got on end of season clearance for next year has been getting a lot of use.  but.  i am ready for spring.  whenever we get nice weather avery whines to go outside.  i can't argue too much but it's nearly impossible for me to work outside.  


02.  i've been thinking a lot about what things were like exactly one year ago.  i remember march really well because we were in the middle of home inspections and loans and debates over breaking our contract.  not some of our finer moments but we closed on march 31, which means we've almost been in this house one year.  that seems crazy to me.  i've been thinking i should take some pictures so i can actually look at some of the stuff that we've done.  i'm a compulsive furniture rearranger so some of our rooms have had multiple lives since we've lived here.  


03.  i also remember how tiny avery was this time last year!  i was telling charlie that she didn't have anything to wear for easter sunday and he asked if she couldn't just wear one of the dresses that she had last year.  i swear she actually has grown in the past 12 months.


04.  avery's still not walking and it's slowly driving charlie crazy.  she just started standing at 14 months but really has no interest in walking.  i'm not worried although i do wish that she would start walking on her own.  i think she's just one of those kids that's pretty careful.  she can go up and down the stairs just fine but we've never had to put a gate up because she has no interest in doing it on her own.  


05.  i think that we might have gotten motivated enough to paint the two rooms left in our house.  our master bath and 3rd bedroom have been a dark blue ever since we moved in and i have always hated them but they were the last rooms on our list and we were so sick of doing the others that we've waited for a while.  i also hate painting in the winter if i can't open a window in the room.    

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