Saturday, October 19, 2013



i sort of love this photo for so many reasons.  one, i love that avery's actually old enough to participate in things like baking cookies, or brownies in this case.  two, i love that sweater.  three, the ponytail.  four, she just looks so grown up, like she's really going to be turning two in a few months.  and five, i think there are about a hundred pictures of me baking with my mom when i was a kid.    

avery loves to help bake by dumping the ingredients into the bowl after i measure them out and then mixing everything together.  she also loves turning the light on the oven and watching things bake.   i'm really more of a baker than a cooker.  i cook because we have to eat but i really like baking.  however, since having avery i haven't baked all that much because cooking with a baby or a toddler is hard and i haven't had the time or energy to attempt to bake things after cooking a meal.  baking always seems like such a luxury while cooking is a necessity.  but lately, we've been baking more because she loves it too and it's an activity that we can actually do together.  also, i'm pregnant and want to eat cookies all day long.  avery's already talking about the cooking and baking that she's going to do with grandma when she comes to visit.  and she's really excited to bake christmas cookies because i told her that she could make them in the shape of santa.  so even though we have another little one coming in a few weeks, i'll have to make sure that avery gets her fill of holiday baking.  and who knows, maybe one day i'll figure out how to make something without sugar.    

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