Sunday, October 6, 2013

i guess it's officially fall

maybe it's the extra quilt on the bed, or the flannel sheets that charlie asked for, or the snow that we woke up to on friday but i can't deny that it's fall any longer.  we had such a good summer this year and i have really been trying to enjoy this time of calm before we're a family of four.   but it's october, the leaves are  changing, avery's wearing footed pajamas, we've had our first official colds of the season, and the heat has kicked on a few times at night.  it's fall.  

fall definitely seems to be the most popular season.  it's still a close call for me between fall and summer. usually i'm in a hurry to get to that crisp fall weather when sweaters are comfortable but jackets aren't necessary, but this year i'm in no hurry for october and november to fly by. 

this weekend we went pumpkin picking.  we headed to rock creek farms, just like we did last year when avery was only 9 months old.  and we left with 4 huge pumpkins and a bunch of little ones to scatter around the house.  avery's really into pumpkins for some reason and i think she liked the experience.  she had a hard time walking through the fields because of all of the vines all over the place.  she walked for a bit and then asked to be carried the rest of the way, which meant that charlie did most of the pumpkin hunting, cutting, and carrying.  the farm charges a flat fee for all "pick your own pumpkins" which i think is code for "find the biggest pumpkins to get the most pumpkin for your money".




avery found this teeny, tiny green pumpkin and picked it herself and then insisted on carrying it around the pumpkin patch and putting it in the back of the car with the normal pumpkins we picked.  also, between the crazy rains last month and the snow the day before the field was super muddy, which made it even harder to treck through.

after pumpkin picking we headed over to see the farm animals.  i remembered there being more animals last year but they had ponies, a donkey, cows, sheep, pigs, and goats.  one of the cows was mooing the whole time and avery thought that was pretty cool, but mostly she was into the donkey.  we spent a long time just watching the donkey.  



charlie was having a lot of fun playing around with the new filters on the iphone.



and then we finally tore avery away from the animals with the promise of little pumpkins and headed home.  we have plans to resume our normal halloween tradition of carving pumpkins and making rice balls this year, although we have yet to pick a night.  last year we were back in maryland the week before halloween and i ended up running out to target on halloween for a costume for avery and halloween candy to hand out to neighbors.  we didn't get a bunch of trick-or-treaters last year.  i'm guessing this is partially because we don't live on a through street and people tend to skip our little street. this year we've talked about taking avery to a house or two just to see what it's all about.  but we're definitely going to be carving pumpkins.  i think she'll get into it and she loved the riceballs the last time charlie made them.  so pumpkin picking was a success and i'm slowly getting accustomed to the idea that fall is actually here.  

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