Monday, January 13, 2014

a day in the life: 2 kiddos in the middle of winter

avery is 2 years and ellie is 6 weeks old.  

i figured i would record a day so that if ever i was asked why i don't get anything done i could just refer people to this post as an explanation.  :)  we normally try and get outside for a walk and a trip to the playground if the weather cooperates but it's been pretty cold lately.  i'm hoping for my sanity's sake that it warms up a bit as we're all going a bit stir crazy at the moment.  

5:30 am:  charlie's alarm goes off and he gets up and gets ready for the gym.  ellie wakes up, but she's already in our bed so i feed her and hope that we'll both fall back asleep before avery wakes up.  thankfully we do.

7:10 am:  avery is up and crying.  this is pretty late for her as most days she's up around 6:30.  i get up, get dressed and then head into her room to get her.  she greets me with "i have nice nap." and "mommy so pretty".  a pretty cute way to start the day.  i change her diaper and we head back into our room to get ellie.  i semi make our bed and open the curtains.  we take ellie into her room where we change her diaper and clean out her nose before heading downstairs.  

7:30 am.  we're downstairs.  i let the dogs out in the yard while avery plays.  i make myself oatmeal and get some yogurt for avery.  avery eats half the yogurt and spills half on herself.  typical.  i eat my oatmeal while holding ellie, sharing bites with avery, and wiping up spilled yogurt.  charlie comes home and makes coffee, which is probably the highlight of my morning.  

8:00.  breakfast is over.  thank goodness.  i always love this time of morning when the animals have been taken out, everyone has eaten and is relatively happy and i can enjoy my coffee.  today, i'm hanging out on the couch with ellie while avery plays with her play kitchen and baby in the other room.  avery quickly comes into the living room where ellie and i are.  i just got out the play gym for ellie to play on but instead avery insists on using it with her doll.  i try and convince avery to let ellie use her play mat but she's not giving in so ellie hangs out on my lap.

8:30.  ellie starts fussing so i feed her.  avery's all over the place, playing on the floor and the couch.  she falls off the couch at one point and starts crying.  these are the moments when having two kids is hard.  luckily she recovers quickly.

8:40.  ellie's done eating.  i put her in the moby wrap and head upstairs with avery to the playroom to color.

8:51.  after pacing around our bedroom for a bit ellie is finally asleep in the moby wrap.  i sit down with avery to draw, what else, santa and snowmen.  even though christmas is over avery isn't ready to let go of everything that it came with and i'm still drawing santa and snowmen by request.  in fact she gets mad if i draw anything else.  she finds a pom pom from an old hat and insists on bringing it with us when we're done coloring, adding this to the two birthday candles that she's already asking me to carry all over the house and my hands are getting pretty full.

9.  i need to do some laundry today, well every day.  today's is ellie's and avery's clothes.  there's a ton because i recently went through some of avery's old clothes to pull out some things that may be fitting ellie soon and am washing all of that along with the regular stuff.  i tell avery that i'm going to run downstairs to get the laundry basket and i'll be right back up but she insists on coming with me.  she also insists that bunny and tiger come with us as well.  i grab the laundry and then stuff it all in the washer.

her most favorite animal book.

one of the many messes waiting to get cleaned up.

9:15.  avery's getting whiny and since i haven't played much with her alone this morning i ask her if she wants to read books and have orange juice on the couch.  i grab a basket of books that we haven't read in awhile and she seems pretty happy with that.  her animal book is in this basket and she hasn't flipped through it in a while so we spend a lot of time reading this one.  she points to every animal asking "what is that" even when she actually knows what it is.

baking cookies

9:45.  she's over reading books and we get off the couch and move back into the kitchen.  charlie comes up for a mid-morning break and avery ropes him into cooking cookies with her.  i take advantage of the time by making some toast and cleaning up the kitchen.  i feel like i am constantly cleaning and picking things up and yet it never seems like the place is 'clean'.


10:10.  charlie's back to work and avery finds fox and asks for music.  i put on a country song which she immediately shoots down telling me "no like that one" and asks for "applause".  i cannot handle listening to applause again at this point or really at any point this year.  it was her favorite for so, so long and we've listened to it so many times that i want to smash my head into a wall whenever it comes on.  instead i put on "timber" and we listen to it three times while dancing with fox before avery says she's all done.

10:20.  the laundry finished at some point during our dancing and i switch the clothes from the washer to the drier.  i tell avery it's time for a diaper change but she refuses so we play with her animals on the play mat a bit.  she pretends to put her animals down for a nap, covering them with a blanket and singing the wheels on the bus to them.  it's pretty cute.

10:30.  ellie is awake so we all head upstairs to change everyone.  i change avery's diaper and get some clothes.  she puts some resistance up with her pants since they're not leggings, the only pants she wants to wear at this point, and tells me "no like that one" while kicking and screaming as i try and dress her.  i tell her they're cute and hope she'll get over it once she's dressed and distracted by bigger things.  thankfully she is and gets over the pants.  we move to ellie's room where i change her diaper.

10:45.  we head to the playroom.  i need to feed ellie and there's more toys in here for avery to play with.  avery doesn't want me to feed ellie but i sit on the futon and tell avery to play with her trains and she actually does for once.  ellie poops while she's eating and i keep feeding her with plans to change her when she's done eating.  avery tries to crawl into my lap telling me, "i want to hold you mommy".  i should start correcting her grammar but sometimes i find her mistakes pretty cute.

11:00.  i take ellie into her room to change her and avery starts crying again.  we all head downstairs and i give avery a pouch "cookie monster" while i try to finish feeding ellie.  avery finds the book "goodnight san francisco" and we read it 5 times.

11:20.  ellie's done eating and i put her down on the playmat and read more books with avery.  this doesn't last too long as ellie starts crying.  she's been up for a bit at this point so i figure she might be tired.  i put her in the moby again to see if she'll fall asleep.

11:30.  i'm trying to read to avery and walk around to get ellie to fall asleep.  neither are impressed with the lack of attention that they're getting.

11:40.  ellie's asleep in the moby.  charlie comes up for lunch and offers to make me a sandwich.  avery plays in the kitchen pretending that she's talking on the phone.  i hear her say, "mommy only has one hand".  charlie looks alarmed but i laugh because i say this to her all the time when she's asking me to carry her or a million of her stuffed animals up the stairs while i'm trying to carry ellie.  we eat lunch and avery steals some bites of both of our sandwiches while eating some apples and yogurt.  she will refuse a sandwich of her own 90% of the time so we've stopped trying.

12:00.  lunch is done.  i clean up and run the dishwasher.  avery's amusing herself at this point so i head into the living room to try and clean up some of the mess in there.  i get the clothes out of the drier and see that avery and charlie are playing animals and blocks.

12:30.  i take the laundry upstairs and start in ellie's room, folding clothes and trying to find a place to put all of the larger sized clothes that i pulled out the other day.

12:40.  ellie wakes up so i pull her out of the moby wrap and put her in her crib to see if she'll entertain herself for a bit.  this lasts about a minute before she is crying so i pull her out and feed her. avery's still downstairs so i actually get to feed ellie alone and it's really nice.

12:45.  still in ellie's room and i hear charlie bringing avery upstairs for her nap.  this is awesome as it's always hard putting her down for a nap with ellie.  he changes her diaper, talks about our morning, and sings her a few rounds of the wheels on the bus.  i change ellie and finish feeding her in her nursery.  she falls asleep and i just rock her for a bit.  again, i never get to do this and it's so nice.

1:20.  i take a sleeping ellie downstairs and put her on the couch.  she stays sleeping so i head to the computer to answer some emails.

2:00.  ellie is awake and happy.  we play for a bit.

2:10.  she's over it and ready to eat again.  i feed her and she falls into a state of semi sleeping while eating.

2:45.  avery is awake.  ellie and i head upstairs to get her.  i change avery's diaper and then we head back downstairs to hang out for a bit.  she's usually in a terrible mood after waking up from her nap and i never know exactly what to expect when i get her in the afternoons.

3:00.  we all head back upstairs to change ellie's diaper.  i feed her and then fold the rest of the laundry.  ellie's tired but not giving into sleep just yet.

3:40.  we all head back downstairs. i put ellie back in the moby wrap and she falls asleep.  i pull out the pot roast that i made last night and put it back on the stove.  i cut up more potatoes and carrots and throw it in the pot with some more beef broth.  this meal is a pain because it's so much chopping but i can make it last so long, which is a huge plus.

3:55.  i feed some hungry (and annoying) cats and then sit down to play blocks and animals with avery.  she's into this game right now where we build block towers for each of her animals and then she knocks them down and we start all over.  at some point she moves on to just building regular towers with her blocks.  i've actually been pretty impressed with her block building skills lately.  future civil engineer?  she picks up a red block and tells me "cherry nose like santa" and then a blue block and says "blue eyes like santa".  i'm pretty impressed so i take a picture and send it to my family.  my mom calls after she gets my message and we talk for a bit.

4:45.  we're done playing.  ellie is still sleeping.  i get a beer and ellie wake up.  i feed ellie on the couch and read avery her duck book.

5:20.  dinner time!  i make bowls and we all try and eat.  luckily this meal is a pretty big hit with avery and she eats well.  ellie isn't happy and she cries during most of it.  i'm holding her but apparently not well enough as i try and eat at the same time.  i give ellie to charlie and clean up from dinner.

6:00.  i feed a crying ellie in hopes that she'll calm down.  she falls asleep in my arms.

6:30.  i hand ellie over to charlie and head upstairs to shower.

avery's really into getting under the blankets during story time.

6:45.  i feed ellie again.  she wasn't happy with my shower.  while reading bedtime books to avery on our bed.

7:10.  i change ellie and hand her off to charlie. avery and i go into her room and we talk about her day and then put her in her crib.  so happy for a toddler that goes to bed easily.  i go back downstairs where charlie and ellie are.  ellie isn't happy again so i try and feed her to calm her down.  charlie makes us tea and attempts to clean up the messes around the house.  we put on the best of jimmy fallon to watch.  ellie's done eating and not happy.

7:45.  ellie's really not happy to i stand up and walk around for a bit.

8:00.  charlie and i switch.  she's always calmer with him at this point during the night.  and he stands with her for a bit.

8:30.  i feed ellie again and she falls asleep this time.

9:00.  upstairs for bed.  last night was pretty terrible for ellie so we're praying that she does better tonight.  i climb into bed and nurse her to sleep and then transfer her to the rock 'n play.

3:30 am.  ellie's awake.  a 6 hour stretch!! that's the best we've had yet and i'm so thankful for that chunk of sleep.


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