Thursday, January 2, 2014

here's to twenty-fourteen.

it's that time of year again.  goal time.  i always love these last few days of the year when the holidays are over, chrsitmas decorations have been packed away and the house feels less cluttered, and the holiday 'to dos' are done.  ahhh.  i love, love, loved the holidays this year.  maybe it was the newborn baby but i felt like we really relaxed and focused on family and spending time together this year and that's what i really want to be the focus for our future holidays, too:  family, friends, people and things that matter.  we definitely did some fun holiday activities.  we baked cookies, crafted silly snowmen, took the kids to see the zoo lights, drove around our neighborhood to see holiday decorations, played christmas music nonstop, watched the grinch too many times, and drank hot cocoa after cold days at the playground.  i feel like we really enjoyed christmas this year, but since we put our decorations up pretty early i was ready to take them down on the 26th.  i was also savoring the time when my sister was in town and i could pack up decorations without worrying about holding a baby and entertaining a toddler.  anyway, on to the new years goals.  i wanted to keep these pretty simple this year because otherwise they'll get ignored.  so here they are.  and hopefully in 365 days i'll be able to say that i was successful.  not perfect but successful.

+ hike once a month.
starting with small hikes and hopefully working up to some more challenging ones.
even if it's flatirons vista and we only last 30 minutes before a meltdown.  we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country (in my opinion) and we have so many wonderful hikes that are right in our backyard.  i really want our kids to grow up with an appreciation for the mountains, for being outside, for getting exercise that doesn't involve a gym, for the outdoors, and this amazing state that we  are privileged to live in. the rockies are pretty awesome.  

+ get outside.
with the kids, with the dogs, with charlie.
walks + playground time because everyone needs exercise and feels better with fresh air.  somedays this may be for 5 minutes but i need to remember that it's always worth the effort to get outside no matter how long it takes us to get ready and how long we last outside.

+  stop buying bread.
find a good (and quick) recipe for sandwich bread and make our own.
this may be hard.  but i will try.

+  set aside time with charlie.
at least twice a week, something purposeful.  

+  stop buying clothes for myself at target & old navy.
because they never last and i would actually save money if i bought slightly more expensive clothes less frequently.  i will definitely still be shopping here for the kids because they're perfect for kiddos who get dirty often and outgrow clothes in less than a season. 

+  master the frittata.
because it's quick, healthy, and easy.

+  project 52.
a picture of each kiddo (separate or together) + a quote for each week.

+ less iPhone more camera.
i always have my iPhone on me because i always want to have a camera.  however, i hate that 90% of our pictures are from the iPhone and i get pretty distracted by the internet.  unless charlie's out of town or i'm waiting for a call there's no need to have my iPhone with me at all times.
+  make family albums.  

but mostly, i want to enjoy this year,  savor these moments with two small kids, enjoy the time i have with my husband, and be thankful every day for what we have.  here's to 2014. 

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Emily @ imperfect said...

Awesome goals! I especially like the stop buying bread and clothes at old navy and target ones!