Wednesday, May 14, 2014

this and that (again).







...  we had visitors again!  i love when people come and visit and it's seemed like having a baby definitely is reason for people to come.  charlie's mom and sister came out to visit along with avery's cousins.  one is about 9 months older than avery and the other is a month older than ellie.  it was the first time that the two oldest were really old enough to play with each other and it was really cool to see them interact.  and it was awesome to meet our new niece and see her with ellie.  avery was in love with her newest cousin and insisted on holding her in pictures, even casting ellie aside.  we went to the zoo on the only nice day that we had and then hung around the house for the next two days.  we had requests for pictures of all of the kids and these were the best that we got even though we took about a hundred and were practically standing on our heads to get them all to look at the same time. 


...  avery's going through an interesting stage right now.  it's like she's discovering that she's a person independent of charlie and i and therefore has control over herself.  for example, the words "no" and "i do it" have been coming out a lot.  she's also started this thing where if i ask her to do something and she doesn't want to she'll say "no, i'm being bad".  it's made things a little frustrating to say the least because suddenly everything has become a battle:  brushing her teeth, changing her diaper, eating anything other than ice cream.  i consider myself a fairly patient person. but man, she has really put that to the test lately.  there have been several times i've had to just leave whatever room she's in because if i don't i'll end up screaming at her.  i'm really hoping that this is a short lived phase. 



...  ellie is sitting!  she's sort of getting into the stage that i loved with avery where she could sit and play happily by herself.  she's still not that stable.  she can sit for awhile but if she overreaches for something she'll topple over.  she's had a few head bonks so far and i'm sure they're not over yet but she's much happier being up than laying down.



...  the weather has been awful here. i promise not to complain about it but snow and below freezing temps in mid may is not cool.

...  this weekend we're planning on having some fun, just our family, and i'm excited.  things have been so crazy, busy as of late, which is good.  it's life. but i'm looking forward to just hanging out with my favorite people. 


Anonymous said...

Unsolicitied advice from your (formerly local) child psychologist: Give Avery a choice to give her agency and remove the option for "no." Instead of "Avery, we need to change your diaper" you can say something like "Do you want to change your diaper in place X or place Y?" or "Do you want mom or dad to change your diaper?" She could still throw a fit, but it reduces the option for a straight "no." Sorry things are tough!!

Danielle said...

I actually do this! But she still says no. Turns out it doesn't have to been an option for her to use it. :) What sorta works is telling her what we have to do and then giving her a time table for doing it herself. P.S. Congrats on the new job! So exciting. I'm jealous of your weather and your proximity to the beach. And good luck with Ironman training!