Monday, May 5, 2014

this and that.



...  the weather has been amazing the past few days.  upper 70s and lower 80s and i actually forgot just how hot that actually is.  all last week was cold and crazy windy so the warm weather has been especially nice.  i forget how much my attitude is tied with the weather.  i definitely need to look at taking some vitamin d supplements next winter because man, months of cold gets depressing.  avery loves getting outside and is just generally happier if se can get a trip to the playground and be in and out of the house all day instead of just trapped inside.  i always feel like our house is twice the size in the summer since we hang out on the front porch and the back deck and yard.  i hope the warm weather is here to stay because i am sick of the cold!


...  avery's back to gymnastics.  we took a long break because we kept getting sick this winter and i refuse to be the mom who brings her sick kid to infect the other kids.  so we hadn't been since mid january.  avery was so, so excited to see her teacher.  she ran over to her and demanded that she be picked up and then didn't let go for a long, long time.  she had a great first class back.  she participated in everything, was the volunteer for a few activities, and ran around like a crazy kid.  it was so nice to see.  a lot of times she's the independent kid who's refusing to participate and i hope she keeps this up.  we signed her back up for the summer and i'm sure we'll continue through in the fall, too.  she turns three in december and will then be old enough for the classes without a parent.  i'd actually really like to switch her to one of those at that time because i think it would be good for her to actually do an activity without me.  but for now we'll just keep doing our regular class on friday mornings and let ellie tag along and see what this is all about. 



...  ellie is changing so quickly it's crazy.  i always remembered with avery that around 5 months was when things got really good and this is proving true with ellie, too.  avery started sitting right after she turned 5 months and while ellie can't sit on her own yet for very long (usually a few seconds before she topples over) she's much happier on her own.  she'll play in the jumperoo for a while and really likes it, she'll roll around on the floor and try and inch herself towards all the toys that avery's left out.  she's even happier in the evenings (usually) and i can now hold her on my hip, which makes things so much easier when i'm toting her around all day.  


...  i (finally) moved ellie out of the rock 'n play and into her crib in the evenings.  i seriously waited this long out of sheer laziness (why change something that was working?) but it was time.  she's really too big for the rock 'n play and she needs her own space to move around in and it is so, so nice to not have a baby sleeping in our room when we go to bed.  i love being able to brush my teeth and change without worrying about waking her.  she hasn't really done that well with the move but i'm expecting that it'll take a bit.  she's been waking up really early (like when we go to bed) and i mentally need a few hours of sleep without a sweaty, nursing baby next to me all night long.  last night was especially bad when i was trying to get her to sleep.  she flipped onto her belly (fine) but then moved around so much that she got her leg stuck between the crib slats and did this twice.  i finally got her to sleep at 9:30 after the third time she cried and she slept until 2 am.  so i'm hopeful that as she gets used to sleeping in a crib things will get better.





...  charlie and i spent all weekend passing the kids back and forth and trying to get things done around the house.  i painted the cabinets in the kids bathroom so we finally have no more honey oak in the house (yes!), we got a new island for our kitchen so we can now have stools at the island, which avery is very excited about, and we attempted to clean and organize like we do every weekend.  charlie's been traveling so much that it feels like he's never home and he joked that he's the guy who only lives here on the weekends.  BUT on sunday we enjoyed some time outside together in the evening after dinner.  we recently got a new 'ladder game' and avery's ocd side came out because she will freak out if the balls are on a different color rung.  it makes playing the game a little tricky. 



...  avery's growing up so fast it's crazy.  all of a sudden we're having to think about preschools and actually teaching her real concepts and socializing her enough.  sometimes i look at her and she just seems so darn old.  and the way she talks doesn't help when she uses words like "actually" and calls charlie "charlie" like she's his peer or something.  so crazy how fast the time flies.   

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