Sunday, April 27, 2014

ellie: five months


happy five months, elle!  we're inching closer and closer to having in your our lives for half a year.  wow.  

...  you are, for the most part, a really happy baby.  you smile all. the. time.  and you absolutely light up whenever anyone makes eye contact with you and talks to you.  this month you've even started doing this when we talk to people on FaceTime.  
...   you are still eating all the time, but you're starting to space your feedings out a bit.  you still like to eat pretty often in the evenings but i've noticed that it's twice or so in the last two hours before you go to bed instead of the every 45 minutes that you were doing. 
...  you nap anywhere from two to four times a day.  with three to four being most typical.  you take a morning nap around 8:30, another around 11:00, and a long afternoon nap around 1 when avery naps, and you'll sometimes even take a evening nap, too.  the morning nap happens in the rock 'n play and the long afternoon nap happens in our bed.  the other two naps typically happen in the ergo.
...  you like to be outside when the weather's nice and you happily ride around in the ergo whenever we're running errands. 
...  you absolutely hate the stroller.  i really hope you get over this because i would like to start walking more and the stroller is just a better place for you to be when we do this. 
...  you LOVE your big sister.  whenever you hear her voice you look all around to see where she is.  sometimes this can make feedings or putting you down for a nap difficult.  but you absolutely light up whenever she pays attention to you and no one can make you laugh quite like she does.  i'm really looking forward to watching your relationship with her grow. 
...  the cradle cap is completely gone from your eyes thanks to some jason's dandruff shampoo.  i'm so glad because not only did it look awful but it also seemed like it was really painful for you. 
...  you love your bath time.  i'll be honest, your sister definitely got more regular baths than you do, but you get a kick out of splashing around the whole time. 
...  your hair is finally growing.  looks like you won't be a bald baby forever. 
...  you can roll over from both back to front and front to back and you do both pretty often.  no more leaving you on the couch or on the changing table for even a second.  
...  you've found your feet this month.  you love to grab them and shove them in your mouth whenever you can.  
...  you grab anything and everything and immediately put it in your mouth.  we've entered the stage where toys can actually entertain you and so now we have 'baby toys' all over the house along with avery's toys.  
...  you are still teething like crazy.  you chew on anything and you bite really hard when you do!  you're also still drooling like crazy which is still new for your dad and i since avery never did this.  if you're not wearing a bib you'll soak through your shirt in a few minutes.  
...  you've started to notice the dogs.  henry is a favorite and he always gets big smiles from you.  i forgot how good he is with babies.  he loves to sniff you and lick your feet.
...  you still don't love the car but are getting a little better about this.  as long as you are well fed and not terribly tired you usually do okay.

love you, ellie belly.

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Emily Davenport said...

Eeeeh, Ellie Belly. Hehe :) She's so sweet :)