Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 months!


pulling up on furniture
saying "cat" and "uh-oh" and "hi"
waving hi and bye-bye
you can point to my eyes, ears, and nose
plane ride
pumpkin patch
trip to maryland, the atlantic ocean
two top teeth

ollie of course
walks in the stroller
hanging out with your grandparents
dropping things and saying 'uh-oh'
reading books
playing with the dogs
meatballs, cheese, yogurt, and bananas

10 months you silly girl!  this month has been big for you as you've really figured out how to move.  the day of your 9 month 'birthday' you started crawling and you've only gotten better and faster in the past month.  when you first figured out how to move you were doing a weird 'crab crawl' as your dad called it.  now you're crawling 'normally' on all fours unless you want to get somewhere fast and then you revert back to your old ways.  you are getting really fast!  and you love to make a beeline for things that we don't want you to get into like the dogs' water and the dvds.  you've also started pulling yourself up on things and if you weren't so happy crawling i would think you wouldn't be too far from walking. however, i think you're still content to crawl anywhere you want to go.  as much as we've had a busy month with baby proofing and rearranging the office i'm so happy that you've figured all of this out because you are so much happier now that you can get where you want to go.  you were pretty frustrated for a few months there when you wanted to go and do things on your own but couldn't quite figure out how to do that.

i feel like your understanding of language has also exploded this month.  you're still saying cat and ollie is a favorite but you've also started saying 'uh-oh' and i think this might be your new favorite.  your dad taught you how to drop things and then say 'uh-oh' and you now do this on purpose.  food off of your highchair, books off of the couch, and my phone whenever you can get ahold of it.

you had your first trip to the pumpkin patch, first plane ride, trip to maryland, and first beach visit this month.  you're definitely a serious baby when you're in new situations.  i think you like to sit back and take it all in before deciding if you want to play or if someone new is okay to smile at.  i like that you're a little cautious and i hope you manage to keep this quality as you get older.  you loved the ocean and were quite happy to watch the waves but you also loved playing in the sand and even ate a few mouthfuls just to see what they tasted like.  you also had your first train ride at cabin john park and carousel ride at the carousel on the national mall in d.c..  i think you liked them both although you were still pretty serious about it all as usual.  you were great during our trip with meeting new people and staying new places, although i think we were all happy to return to our own beds and get some better sleep when the trip was over.

your dad says all the time that you're the cutest and you really do get more and more fun the older you get.  you had a rough time with sleeping this month when your top two teeth came in, one right after the other, but even on those nights when you didn't sleep much you were a pretty happy baby during the day.  i cannot believe that you're almost a year already!  i'm not ready for that quite yet and i still look back at pictures of you from a few months ago and wonder where my chubby baby went.  love you baby girl.

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