Thursday, April 3, 2014

nothing special.







i finally got out our 'good' camera for some pictures.  nothing terribly special but i always wish i did this more often.  i'm madly in love with ellie's fat legs.  our days have been pretty repetitive lately but i wake up each morning so thankful that this is how i fill my days.  these kids are pretty awesome.  (also, charlie's been home for like a record three weeks so things have been so, so nice.)  avery woke up three times last night and it was so weird to actually have to do something with her in the middle of the night.  luckily, she goes back to sleep with a quick round or two of 'the wheels on the bus' and honestly charlie got her two out of the three times.  silly kid. nighttime is for sleeping.  also, our 10 day forecast has temperatures in the high 60s! i cannot wait for some warm weather.      

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