Wednesday, April 2, 2014

9 months.


walking while we hold your hands
napping on momma
walks in the stroller
hiking in the ergo
feeding yourself
reading books

clapping for yourself
going from laying down to sitting
grabbing my nose and ear and knowing the difference between the cats and the dogs
trying to say cat whenever you see them.  
hike to the top in your backpack
trip  to 12,000 feet and above treeline
happy hour in boulder
you can crawl/scoot yourself to things you want
figuring out how to activate siri on the iphone

9 months avery girl!  this was a big month for you as far as figuring things out in your world.  you seem so much more aware of what's going on and are really starting to recognize certain words and piece things together.  it has been so fun to teach you things this month.  you will grab my nose and ear if i ask you where they are, you know which animals are cats and which are dogs, and you know that 'yay' means clap your hands.  you love to clap for yourself when you do something you think is praise-worthy.  this month you learned how to go from laying down to sitting and each time you would do it i would say 'yay, good job' which inspired you to clap for yourself.  now any time you sit up you immediately start clapping for yourself and look at me like 'mom! hello!' if i don't join in.  you love, love, love ollie.  he is still a strong favorite and when i ask you where the cat is you'll look around for him.  once you spot him you start trying to say cat.  you've got the sounds down but haven't yet put them together.  i have a feeling it won't be long before you do and i'm guessing that cat will be your first word.  you know who the dogs are, too, but get less excited about them.  henry has been oh so patient with you and lets you climb all over him, grab his ears and tail, and even look inside his mouth.  he is one good dog.  dunkin is less excited about your antics and usually gets up pretty quickly if you try and play with him.  

you want to be on the move pretty badly and both walking and crawling.  

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