Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's the little things ...

This is so long overdue. And after the week I had, I figured this would be good for me. Did I mention that on Friday it took me 2 1/2 hours to get to class? This involved walking 4 miles to a bus stop. Waiting for a late bus and then sprinting the last 5 blocks to school because I had a presentation to give. I officially hate public transportation. Especially when it doesn't show up.


... a cold beer on a Friday night.
... happy hours.
... pizza on a Friday night.
... watching a movie with the fire on.
... my cat cuddling in my lap. (it's cold now, so he's friends with me again.)
... Charlie getting his car back. Hopefully it stays with us this time.
... Monday morning coffee at our favorite place.
... Dunkin dog. He thinks it's his job to protect me from the world.
... piles of "fun reading" on my nightstand.
... cooking quesadillas on a random Wednesday.
... wine. (it's been one of those weeks.)
... an early walk on a gorgeous fall Saturday.
... Rocktober. (This one's for Charlie.)
... looking forward to sunshine, warm weather, and a BEACH in January.
... pumpkin carving season is right around the corner.

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