Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Thursday night ...

I am so sleepy and it's so early. I wish I could explain how tired I am of studying. I feel like I've put up with a ridiculous amount of bullshit from adults this week. Way more than I used to when I had to deal with 125 15 year olds all day long. Frankly, I'd take the teenagers.

This week I ...

1. missed Charlie and my car. [He was gone for a bit.]
2. almost killed a guy in one of my classes. He called me a housewife. If looks could kill he'd be dead right now. I think what annoyed me the most was that he was so condescending about it all. So what if I was one? How does this make you better than me? Also, I'm not. I'm a full time student.
3. managed to spend $50 at Sprouts and the only thing I remember walking out with was yogurt. I have no idea where the rest of the money went.
4. spent 15 hours working on 1 freaking, stupid, worthless homework assignment. It was 10 flipping pages long. Not cool.
5. cleaned up dog puke. Awesome.
6. managed to spill candle wax all over a glass table. And still have yet to clean it up.
7. drank A LOT of coffee.
8. lost a wine glass. Ok, it broke. It's not like I got so drunk I misplaced it.
9. cuddled with my dogs.
10. am so sick of baseball. I don't think I can stand to listen/watch another minute of it.
11. ran out of wine. [Maybe it's because of all the baseball.]
12. got a free parking ticket from a very nice girl.
13. watched rain turn to snow. NOT COOL, Denver. Not cool.
14. decided Henry would make a good devil for Halloween.
15. did all the work on a group lab. Grrrr...
16. ate Wendy's.
17. and lots of lemon drops.

Looking forward to the snowy weekend. The hubs is looking forward to more baseball ...

Think they'll look like this by Sunday?


Katy said...

I like the did all the work for the group. I have been there about 99% of the time for group work. It's so stupid. Professors should know that every time they assign one only one person does it.

Send me your email addy and I'll invite you to that other blog. Let me know if you want to post stuff to it and I'll add you as an author.

Emily said...

Sounds like a doozy of a week. I'm not over baseball yet, but I'm over football - and isn't it just like the 4th week of the NFL season? Blah. I have two huge bottles of wine if you're withdrawals get to you.

Alex said...

sorry my love. School can be such a downer. All that work and no pay. It will be worth it when it's over though. I am sure.

At least there's Wendy's! And if the candle is scented, you could sniff the dried wax whenever you sit on the couch. Mmmmm.

I thought baseball was over. I get to hear about fantasy football CONSTANTLY now. Fantasy. They had to take something irrelevant to my life (football) and add another additionally irrelevant abstraction (fantasy). There's always something I guess.

Taryn said...

I haven't really even heard or seen any baseball - except what I read on people's facebook status'. However- I am totally over football. I love it- but Chris just watches SO MANY GAMES!! Ug.

(I think the snow won't last- but it sure is pretty.)