Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snowy Saturday

It is freaking snowing in October. I totally lost the bet with Charlie about when it would snow. I had my money on December. I know it was a long shot, but isn't October a little early for snow?

Henry totally disagrees with me. He loves the snow probably almost as he loves rabbits and injured birds. When he saw that it was snowing this morning he started whining and jumping up and down and has stopped only to stare intently out the window.

Snowy Henry

The dogs ran around like crazies for about 30 minutes until I couldn't take it any more and dragged them back inside.

Snowy Dunkin
Dunkin looks like he's flying in this picture.

We have tickets to the Rockies game tonight. I'm really hoping that they either postpone it until tomorrow or somehow it warms up about 30 degrees during the day. If not I will totally be that crazy person in my ski pants, hopped up on hot chocolate.

But for now I'm enjoying sitting by the fire with Toby & drinking lots and lots of coffee.

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Taryn said...

Good thing they postponed it, eh? October is very early for snow in my opinion- very early.