Monday, August 23, 2010

i haven't been blogging much lately about things that are actually happening in my life.
i feel like mostly i've been posting random bits and pieces of things.
honestly, i've been debating about what to do with this little blog of mine.
i started it as a way to keep a journal (something i had always wanted to do but never found the motivation) of my life after moving to colorado. and i also hoped that it would motivate me to take more pictures, since posts without pictures are boring.

i've been debating about making it private. not like this would really effect so many people, but there's a lot of times i contemplate writing or posting something but choose not to because i don't really want my thoughts, feelings, or relationship in's and out's to be in a place that could be discovered by a professor, coworker, or potential employer.

and as a result of this, i end up posting many more pictures of my dog or snow or the mountains than i might if i didn't feel the need to censor it.

i suppose i feel that if it were private than i'd be able to use it more for it's intended purpose.
however, i really do enjoy reading blogs and in a way i feel like it'd be sort of hypocritical of me to make mine private and still read other people's.

i just need to decide if i'm going to make it private, or just post anything and everything (yeah, right), or if i'm just going to keep it to "little things", hiking trips, and goofy pictures of henry.


CT mom said...

I certainly understand your desire for privacy...I'm a very private person also. I love checking in on your blog as a reminder that the "little things" are what is important in life, those small things are what make you happy in your day. And I LOVE your photos! Don't know if this helps in your decision.

Emily said...

I love your blog because it's a way for me to keep up with what's going on with you

Kat said...

I'm biased, but I love your blog. I deal with privacy issues too and serious ones because I work with people with serious mental illness. If someone found my blog they could potentially harm me or the people I love. Therefore, I try to keep it to facts and limit the pictures of people and I don't use names (i.e. my boyfriend is "the cyclist"). With my sponsorship my blog is now tied to my name, but the things I post are nothing my boss wouldn't know about me anyway- I like to run and travel and I try to find a lot of joy and beauty in the world. Maybe it'll even make future employers like me more because I'm not a droid. TBD.

Taryn said...

Darn- well I missed my opportunity to tell you that I would be sad if you left- but I understand. Glad you are staying though.