Friday, August 13, 2010

it's the little things ...

my favorite two guys in all the world ...

... old, holey quilts that are super-soft.
... video chatting with charlie when he's gone on a work trip. we ate virtual dinner together!
... how the mornings have felt like fall lately.
... how henry sleeps on his back with all four legs stuck straight up in the air.
... finishing a work week on a thursday.
... a smoothie for dinner.
... going for a walk after dinner. when the neighborhood is quiet.
... a dog who walks next to me & is well behaved enough to sit through brunch on a patio even when there are screaming children running around.
(he may or may not have licked a toddler's feet for 5 minutes but i'm pretty sure it was mutual love)
... week nights where i don't come inside until bedtime.
... starbucks before work.
... mojo cliff bars = my every day breakfast.
... afternoon thunderstorms.

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