Thursday, August 26, 2010

so i guess i'm staying. (for now)

first, em. i owe you a huge phone call. does this weekend work?

school started for me this week and i'm definitely missing my carefree summer days. it's going to be tricky trying to find a balance between work and school and sanity. i'm trying to work a deal out with my boss right now as far as my hours go. hopefully, we'll come to an agreement that will work for everyone and still allow me 8 hours of sleep and night and some time to study.
although i purposely avoided all engineering classes this semester, i went the other direction and know will be spending all of my time reading and writing papers.
i keep telling myself that i have 8 months of school left.
just 8 months.

charlie and i have been debating about trading my car in.
now, i'm seriously one of the cheapest people ever.
spending money stresses me out like nothing else.
i freaked out when i bought a bike.
i freaked out when we bought a computer.
of course i'm freaking out about a car.

the biggest reasons right now for getting rid of my car are:
1. it sucks in the snow and winter. now that i'm no longer a teacher i don't have the luxury of being off work when it snows.
2. we have two large dogs (which don't fit in my tiny car).
3. when we drive to the mountains, which happens pretty often, my car can't make it up the steep grades so well.
4. if we ever have a kid there's no way i could fit a kid, all of its crap, and the dogs in the car.

oh, AND i just found out (like 2 hours ago) that my car was recalled. congratulations toyota, you suck.
of course the recall thing sucks for me if we decide to keep OR get rid of the car.

i did have a great visit with my parents (and for a very short time, my sister) two weeks ago.
they recently adopted a kitten and a year-old chocolate lab.

meet clayton.
(don't let his sweet face fool you ... he's a lot of work!)

winston churchill II
and winston (churchill).
pretty sure my sister named this guy after her high school.


Emily said...

me??? yeah, jeff's actually at the beach this weekend so i'm home alone! :)

Taryn said...

Any decision on the car? I am super cheap too- I know what you are feeling about the car! I got all stressed when we bought a chair from american furniture last week. But I love it. So it ended up alright. I am sure you will make the right decision.

Glad you are here.