Sunday, January 1, 2012

avery's first week.


wow did that first week fly by!  i feel like she's no longer my brand new baby but now a newborn with chubby cheeks who's starting to figure things out in this world.  as much as it's so good to see her growing i wish i could freeze time because it's all flying by way too fast.  
the first week was not nearly as bad as i expected it to be.  i got much more sleep than i thought i would and charlie was absolutely amazing about taking care of everything (avery and i included) so that all i had to worry about was feeding her and recovering myself.  there were so many memories from that first week that i don't want to forget. and while this is not nearly a complete list it's some of the bigger things that i want to look back and remember.  it's amazing that i've even been able to type this because all i want to do is hold her all day long.  but i know it's good for both of us if she gets some quality sleep and that's something she can't do in my arms.

Baby A.

... listening to charlie sing her  to sleep with his 3 line white noise lullaby "go to sleep baby Avery" in the hospital.  i have that lullaby stuck in my head but it was the sweetest thing.
... looking down on her while she ate those first few meals
... watching her sleep in her bassinet in the hospital
... attempting to swaddle her in a way she couldn't get out of and eventually becoming expert swaddlers
... charlie becoming an expert on car seats
... falling asleep holding her the first night after she was born
... watching the sun rise in the hospital because we'd been up all night
... getting healthy reports from the doctor
... watching charlie change her and hold her
... leaving the hospital during a snow storm using the pink blanket made by hospital volunteers to cover her from the cold (watching charlie carry her out)
... bringing her home. Watching the cats sniff the back of her head very cautiously
... her first hat in the hospital, white with a pink pompom and how cute she looked in it
... when they laid her on my chest for the first time seeing her look up at me with her big blue eyes 
... holding her in the hospital all bundled up, watching the snow fall outside
... laying her in the boppy on the second day, talking to you and seeing you smile (daddy is my witness on this one)
... the way her hair is slightly longer in back:  a little baby mullet
... trying to decide who she looks like
... watching all her little faces after she eats, her scrunched up face, angry face, her little smiles that look like she's plotting something
... how charlie has made it his mission to change every diaper, be the 'wake her up when she's nursing' guy, laundry guy, and just about everything else
... how she struggles to stay awake while eating
... writing her name on her birth certificate form and filling out my relationship to her as 'mother'
... how scared i was during the delivery when her heart rate kept dropping, how terrified i was when i heard the cord was wrapped around her neck three times, saw charlie's face and the panic on the doctor and nurses' faces, and the relief i felt when she started crying.
... when she gets all squirmy while nursing and then relaxes and let out a huge sigh
... playing with her hair while she nurses
... middle of the night feedings when her daddy tries to keep her from falling asleep
... watching her grandma and grandpa hold her for the first time
... how clean she was after her first sponge bath charlie gave her
... how she fits perfectly in the middle of the boppy
... how cute she looks all swaddled up
... taking her first nap in her crib at home
... our first night at home and how great you she in her cosleeper
... 12 am feedings and 2 am feedings and 4 am feedings
... waking up just to check on her
... wanting to do nothing but stare at her all day long


Abby said...

amazing. can't wait to hear all about it in all the detail you can manage and want to share!

CT mom said...

You are in love, Danielle! It is SUCH an amazing precious time. You might forget each little moment but you will never forget the feelings. Enjoy!!

CT mom said...
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