Wednesday, January 25, 2012

avery's room.

i figure now that she's a month old it's about time to take pictures of her room.
we finished this a while ago, and since we're renting there was no painting or construction involved.
that being said, i probably spent more time on this room than any other in our home and since we'll probably be moving somewhere this year, although we have no idea where yet, i figured i should take some pictures of her first room before it was too late.  

i'm not really a fan of matching furniture which worked out well since the we had so much random furniture that we needed to find a place for.


the room is a funky shape and pretty much only has one wall where there's enough room for furniture.  we managed to fit the crib and dresser on the wall with just enough room left over for a hamper and trash can.

the moose found a home over the crib.  i had other plans for something there but i couldn't figure out where else to put the moose. she hasn't slept in the crib at night yet, but she's taken quite a few naps there when she decides that she'll actually sleep somewhere other than my arms or the swing.
we decided against a bedding set since i knew we would never use most of it and instead just bought a few sheets.  don't look too close at the bed skirt, it's a mess but it's hard making a skirt for those cribs!


the chair is a rocking chair and as much as i insisted we didn't need one i'm glad we got one.  i spend a lot of time in that chair and she really does love being rocked.  obviously ollie is a fan of the chair, too.  he usually tries to jump into my lap when i'm rocking her.  i think he misses all the time he used to sleep in my lap before she came around.


the dresser is huge and holds pretty much everything she needs.  the changing pad on top is one of her favorite places.  she loves to lay there and look at all the pictures on the wall.  we threw a 'travel changing pad' on top of the fabric cover because whoever decided that fabric covers were a good idea was obviously trying to sell a lot of them.  the lamp on the table is from when i was a kid and has seashells from the outer banks.  and the green container holds everything we need to change her. 


i love the burts bees stuff.  the body wash and lotion smell great and aren't too greasy.

the mishmash of frames is my favorite.  i'm sure i'll be switching pictures out as she grows older, but for now i quite like them.  avery likes them too and spends a lot of time staring at them.  


i mod podged scrapbook paper onto the "L" and the "k is for kite" was a free download.


the love frame still needs more pictures of her in it, but the middle picture is the card that charlie got me for christmas.  the picture next to that is supposed to be a dog pulling a kid on a sled.  appropriate for a winter baby with 2 dogs.


charlie insisted on buying the avery brewery sign after we stopped in there on his birthday.  i don't know how i never noticed their beer before but now i see it everywhere.  the frame below is one of my favorite dog quotes with a picture of henry.  he's gotten over his initial jealousy and is now more interested in her than anyone else.  i think he's hoping she'll grow up fast and become another playmate.


this is probably my favorite.  i had plans to paint the lyrics on a big canvas and hang that over the crib, but the moose stole that space.  maybe someday, but until then i knew they had to go somewhere.  bob dylan really knew what he was talking about.

the weird corner ended up with the chair which has been pretty useful.  the container underneath holds board books and a stuffed animal that henry has finally realized is not a toy for him.


the bookshelf holds lots of books (obviously) and i love having a bunch to choose from when we read to her every night.  the baskets hold blankets and larger clothes and someday i'll figure out a way to hang the mobile that's sitting on top.


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