Tuesday, February 19, 2013

and then avery got beat up by ollie.




these pictures were not taken when she got hurt.  this is just how they play.  he's usually really good about not using his claws & avery loves wrestling around with him.

i've mentioned a time or two that avery is madly in love with the cats.  ollie specifically.  she's figured out how to call him and does it all.day.long.  it's pretty cute.  she knows what gentle means and will say it when she pets him but after about 5 seconds she forgets gentle and moves on to smacking, screaming, eye poking, and tail pulling.  most of the time he doesn't care and usually if he does he'll just get up and move away.  but the other day she was playing with him and i wasn't really paying any attention since i was working and then i heard her cry and saw the giant scratch on her face.  

lesson learned:  no unsupervised playing with the cats.  

unfortunately i don't think this will be her last battle wound.  it reminded me of my sister who practically tortured the cat when we were growing up and then used to run to my mom crying whenever he dared to defend himself.  hopefully, avery won't be quite as bad.  :)

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