Friday, February 1, 2013

we survived january.

surprise snow
just kidding.  it really hasn't been that bad.  it has been a loooong month.  i'm happy that my baby took a little longer to grow up this month but i'm also ready to see february.  i thought i'd revisit my new years resolutions once a month just to see how i was doing.

+ eat better  
i think menu planning and cooking nearly killed me this month.  but i made it.  what i figured out was that it was less of the cooking and more of the planning that was hard for me. i don't know what to make, ever.  so i'm thinking that monthly planning may be the way to go for us.  what i'm trying in february is making a list of meals that i want to make the whole month and then picking a few each week that i'll shop for.  so hopefully that will make things easier.  the other thing that would make things easier is if my baby let me put her down for more than 30 seconds at a time.  we did eat less processed grains and avery's been eating better snacks, too.   

+  exercise
i did okay.  i could have done better.  weekdays are hard because if i have to cook dinner that has to happen around 4:30, which means that i need to leave for a walk by 3:30 at the latest.  this month i tried to go for a walk any time that it was in the 40s or higher.  anything below and i feel like avery gets too cold.  i missed a few days but i walked more days than not.  

Monday morning trains

+  de-clutter my life
yes and no.  i scheduled and went to all of my doctors appointments for the year.  i cannot tell you how amazing this feels.  i also started cleaning out of the house.  i cleaned out the office and 'strongly encouraged' charlie to clean out his work stuff in there, too.  i got rid of some clothes.  but then i bought a kitchen table and still haven't sold the other one.  there's a lot i'd like to do if we stay in this house but since i don't know if that's happening right now, things have sort of stalled.  whether we stay or go there will be a lot of craigslisting.  

pointing at the 'cats'
+ show love
i did well with avery on this one.  since i spend so much time on the computer when i'm working i've been good about not being on technology when i'm not working.  we've also gone somewhere fun for her on my days off, which has been nice for both of us.  as for charlie, does arguing about moving count as showing love?  if not then i hope to do better in feburary.  it is the month of love.  i also sort of went off grid for a bit in january but i have caught up and returned emails and phone calls.  i'm feeling optimistic about this one.  

+  have fun
we've had some fun family activities this month.  we've been to the butterfly pavilion, aquarium, and the zoo.  if we stick around i think we may buy a pass to the aquarium.  avery was seriously in love.  we haven't booked a family vacation yet, but we have figured out where we're going when we finally get around to booking it.  i'm hoping to take a vacation in march.  

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