Monday, February 18, 2013

lately ...


...  we're in the process of turning our living room into a playroom/office.  charlie and i both have been working upstairs in our master retreat but i had been thinking that it would be easier if i could consolidate all of avery's toys in one place, both to cut down on the clutter and to keep her entertained longer while i'm working.  i've also been working downstairs a lot because i feel like i'm constantly feeding avery throughout the day and we never really used our living room.  we got some shelves from ikea to keep all of her toys in and i'm in the process of figuring out what to hang on the wall and if i should try and keep our current rug or get a new one.  charlie's not a huge fan of the new set up but it's made my work days so much easier.

Toby followed us until he tunnel. I looks like a crazy person.

...  the other day i was walking the dogs (with avery of course) and toby decided to come along for a bit.  he actually followed us for a while.  we cross through a tunnel at one point and he wouldn't come through there.  it actually makes me a little nervous that he was comfortable going that far.  there have been a lot of coyotes in the open space behind our house at night lately and he looks like a nice coyote-sized snack.

all day. every day.

...  this is my life pretty much all day long.


...  avery and i went on a lunch date on monday.  we split a grilled cheese at panera.  this kid loves people watching.  and then i took her to target for an hour and until she was so bored she lost her mind.

...  we got a mini train set at ikea for $10.  avery was unimpressed but charlie's been amused.  despite the fact that i don't want my house to look like an ikea there are so many things that i want at that store!  rugs, kitchen islands, chairs!


...  this kid is growing up way too fast!  she's sitting indian style, calling the cats and dogs, singing to herself, figuring out puzzles and shape sorters, unscrewing tubes of toothpaste, and imitating everything that we do.  she's still refusing to walk but i have my hopes for 14 months.  we'll see.  

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