Tuesday, November 5, 2013

life lately ...

i seriously can't believe that it's already november.  we're supposed to have a baby this month!  again, something i haven't completely wrapped my head around and i feel like november is just going to been a little crazy between wrapping up work, getting ready for our newest addition, thanksgiving (which i really hope that i'm home one way or the other for), and finishing up some things around the house.  


... we're finishing up some house projects, although i'm pretty sure there will always be a list of things that we want to do either soonish or someday.  we hired someone to paint our bathroom and i really don't care how lazy that makes me at this point.  at almost 37 weeks pregnant, taping, caulking, priming, and painting are not on my list of things that i want to be doing.  and i figure my back hurts enough just from keeping up with the general cleaning and picking up.  


...  the nursery is almost finished.  i have one more project that i may or may not do.  it's far from a perfect room as we ended up using a lot of things that we had around the house instead of buying new.  one of the things that i remember after having avery is that i wanted to make her room more personal after she was born and we knew she was a girl.  so i've left a lot of things very neutral at this point and i'm sure i'll end up changing things slowly over time once this baby's born and we actually meet him or her.  also, the baby won't actually be using this room for a awhile so it's basically being used for clothes and diaper storage at this point.  


...  the baby is finally head down!! yay.  at my 30 week appointment it was head down and it flipped at some point between 30 and 32 weeks.  i remember waking up one morning and telling charlie 'the baby flipped' and he was sort of skeptical but sure enough it had.  at 36 weeks when it still wasn't head down my midwife scheduled an external cephalic version and when i went in for my 37 week appointment the baby had flipped back into the head down position, which means i don't have to have the version.  it's been driving me crazy the past few weeks trying to get it to flip and figure out exactly where it was.  i had a feeling it flipped this week as it was a lot lower and my ribs were a lot less sore but i didn't want to get my hopes up too much.  really hoping to go into labor on my own this time around when charlie is not traveling.  :)       


...  i've also been trying to enjoy these last few weekends as a family of 3.  i know that avery's world is about to be flipped around soon and i sort of feel guilty about all the attention that she's currently getting but won't be soon.  i think she'll be excited about a baby (at least at first) but i think not getting what she wants when she wants it will be hard for her.  hopefully she's built some good independent playing skills from all of the days that i work from home and will be happy to occupy herself during times that i can't be two places at once. 


 ...  i have 2 more freezer meals to make this week and then i think we're done (or at least our freezer won't be able to fit any more food) until the baby comes.  i didn't make a lot but i've tried to have enough so that we have something decent to eat on those days when cooking seems like an impossibility.  i made some chili, potato and broccoli soup, and meatballs for spaghetti so far and am hoping to do a meatloaf and chicken and sausage casserole this week so that we'll have a few freezer meals to rotate in with cooking those first few weeks.  

avery calls this her work computer and insists on working on it when i have to work.

...  i have one more day of work left at my current job.  it feels really weird to say that.  i'm planning on finishing up a few things at home the rest of this week and also trying to take avery to some fun places.  

...  i 'think' we finally have names for this baby.  still not 100% positive about the girl names as we've been tossing three around, but we've committed to a boy name and i like all three of the girl names that we have, too.  we're definitely last minute name pickers unlike a lot of our friends who seem to have names picked out before the end of the first trimester.  i still sort of feel like i'll need to see the baby first to make sure.  i remember when avery was born it felt a little weird to call her 'avery' for the first week or so.  still feeling like this baby is a boy although not as strongly as i was before.  my midwife always refers to it as a 'him', which makes me wonder if she knows something i don't.


...  dunkin is sort of feeling better.  i mentioned that he's been limping a lot.  we noticed it a while ago but figured it was arthritis (he'll be 10 in less than a month) but it got worse and so i took him to the vet.  they couldn't figure out exactly where or why he was limping and so they put him on an antiinflammatory, which has made it slightly better.  the vet thought it was probably either a shoulder or elbow thing and something we'll have to manage the rest of his life.  at this point we were sort of happy that it wasn't anything more severe (he had a mast cell tumor when he was one and we've always been paranoid that it would return) but i think his intense ball playing days are over.


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