Friday, November 13, 2009

Fuzzy Slippers and Bully Sticks

A few years ago my sister gave me these pink, fuzzy slippers for Christmas. They looked like something Reese Witherspoon would have worn in Legally Blond but they were so comfortable. I wore them all winter long. Then last year Henry ate them.

You see he went through a phase last year where, when we left the house he would go into our closet, take out all of our shoes, and rearrange them throughout the house. I thought it was cute. And then one day I came home and my shoes were rearranged and my pink fuzzy slippers were shredded. He was quite proud of himself. After that we started closing our closet door.

Anyway, a few days ago I went out and bought myself some new fuzzy slippers ... I mean winter's basically here and I hate socks. I made sure when I brought them home that I showed them to Henry ... we had a long discussion about the fact that these were not toys. He seemed to understand. Then today I got home from running errands. Charlie and I were eating lunch and I looked around and noticed that my fuzzy slippers were in the living room, when I had left them in the closet upstairs. Basically, Henry didn't listen to a word I said during our "fuzzy slipper" conversation. I'm wondering how long these slippers will last.

Fuzzy Slippers NOT chew toys
Henry, if you're reading this .... these are NOT toys.

I decided to buy him a toy that he could chew on. I got a rawhide for him and a bully stick for Dunkin. He ignored the rawhide and stole the bully stick from Dunkin.

Bully Stick 2

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Taryn said...

Isn't that the way it always goes? They always want what is not theirs. My parents' dogs do that. Oh well. Good luck keeping the slippers out of his mouth.