Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

Really, I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving. It's always been one of those holidays where family gets together, lots of awkward and uncomfortable comments are made, everybody drinks to forget the awkward comments, dinner isn't served for 5 hours because the host forgot that turkeys have to cook like all day, the family dog jumps on the table and starts to eat the food before everyone else does, everyone pretends they're not grossed out that the dog was licking the food, someone lets the bird out of its cage and no one can catch it until it starts pecking at my aunt's earrings, we finally sit down to a cold dinner, everyone pretends to like my aunt's "famous" sweet potatoes that taste like straight sugar, finally everyone leaves at 10 pm more exhausted than if they had just gone to work that day.

I love MY family, but I have to say that the most relaxing and fun thanksgivings were spent with Charlie's family. Less drama. Less uncomfortable undertones. More games.

Then we moved to Colorado and I was perfectly content to boycott the holiday. Kind of like Chandler on Friends. I hate turkey, and sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and green been casseroles. I'd be happy making turnips and an apple pie and drinking a bottle of wine. Unfortunately my husband wants to be like the Pilgrims and Indians every year. Spend all day cooking, watch lots of football (I'm sure the first Thanksgiving was filled with football), and end up with week's worth of leftovers. So celebrate Thanksgiving we are.

We're headed to some friends (which is a welcome change from the uncomfortable family holidays). They're providing the turkey, brats, and mashed potatoes. We're bringing the rice balls, and APPLE PIE (no pumpkin!). Yes, you read that right . Charlie's family has rice balls, chicken soup, and lasagna at every Thanksgiving. So far we're only carrying out the rice ball tradition but their menu sounds a lot better than the one I'm used to.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll. Enjoy whatever traditions you keep. And I'm suggesting a bottle of wine (or two) if you have to choke down turkey licked by a dog.

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