Monday, November 30, 2009

This week I ...

... decorated for Christmas.
... finished my Xmas presents for my parents (and one for us via Blurb). VERY excited to see the end result and hope I didn't make any spelling errors.
... spent all Thanksgiving morning cooking with C. We made riceballs, deviled eggs, apple pie, and spinach salad.
... ate too much artichoke and jalapeno dip.
... made a wreath. sort of.
... stalked everyone else's holiday decorations in our neighborhood.
... went skiing.
... did not venture out of the house on black friday.
... celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends and played lots of catchphrase. (Note to self: find game partner that is not competitive.)
... assembled a bookshelf and a bench.
... hung curtains. crookedly.
... discovered that our drill really doesn't work no matter how long you charge the battery.
... hung pictures on the wall.
... played ball at night with the dogs (thanks to all the trees with lights).
... watched Twilight. Hated it.
... made about 4 trips to Target. and 3 to safeway.
... cleaned the apartment. got it dirty again.

Now for the next two weeks, which will involve nothing but studying. If only I can get started ...


Kayla said...

What did you make on Blurp? I went to the website and it looks very cool. You'll have to share what you made, when you can! :-) Good luck studying!

New England Girl said...

Good luck with all of the studying! I am so jealous you got to go skiing. With all of our warm temps and overload of rain, I'm not sure when we'll see snow. :(

Emily said...

Sounds like a fabulous week! Good luck with your studying.

Katy said...

We made a Blurb book of our engagement pictures and it turned out pretty awesome. I have a few Christmas projects that I probably need to take care of shortly with them.

Don't you just love how houses get dirty so fast? Everytime I see a clean kitchen I just want to bake something.

Abby said...

i LOVE that you hated twilight.

Danielle said...

of course I hated it! :) A. It's a book I've read and we all know I've never liked a movie after first reading the book. and B. It was the cheesiest of all cheeseballs. Right?!