Monday, March 15, 2010


... i cannot fold a fitted sheet. and i have no desire to learn how.
... i have no idea what "seasoning a pan" means.
... walking the dogs is my therapy.
... sometimes i want to drink a bottle of champagne just so i can keep the cork.
... i really, really hate scary movies.
... when charlie and i moved in together i was adamant about not having a tv in our bedroom. now i wish we had one.
... i hate running errands. except for target.
... i think the new iPad is the stupidest thing ever. isn't it just a giant iPod touch?
... i am insanely jealous of people who work from home.
... sales would be the worst career for me ever to work in. when i worked in a mexican restaurant i couldn't even sell guacamole to people. i lost every single sales contest that we had. every night i worked.
... i also dumped an entire bowl of bean soup on a customer once. they didn't leave me a tip.
... i generally make bad decisions when tequila is involved.
... i change my mind a lot.
... movies longer than 2 hours bore me. i usually end up leaving the theater.
... i hate china.
... i like to watch movies over and over. ditto with books i like.
... i can be really, really stubborn.
... i miss the beach. a lot.


Emily said...

I could totally teach you how to fold a fitted sheet- if you wanted to learn. It's something I'm quite proud I know how to do. Jeff also recently learned how to season a pan and he's obsessed. I think just because he likes anything to do with lard.


Taryn said...

I don't know how to season a pan either . . .

I kinda wish we had a tv in our bedroom too- I was adamant we would not when we got married too. We watch TV in bed now anyway- on an ipod touch. So maybe an ipad would be nice- a little bigger screen. But really- what is the point? Just buy a TV!

New England Girl said...

I love this list! I am the same with 2+ hour movies; I just can't seem to hack them. And reading the same books/watching the same movies over and over? I never get bored of it. :) And girl, you are SO skinny. You're making me super jealous.

Sarah said...

I always love your lists!

I too hate scary movies :)