Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's the little things ...

i actually ate something healthy.

... a warm saturday.
... a cold, rainy sunday.
... homemade fruit smoothies.
... cleaning with the windows open.
... the snow finally melting.
... watching the terps on a friday night. even if we live in a place where no one knows what a terp is.
... watching my dog play with the neighborhood kids.
... burgers with blue cheese.
... a clean house.
... a full tank of gas.
... kona coffee.
... walking the dogs while wearing only a t-shirt.
... not working on tuesday.
... finding my wedding ring after "losing" it.
... nice people.
... how excited my dog gets when i let him come on car rides.
... certain people finally taking down their christmas decorations.
... daylight savings or spring forward. whatever you want to call it.
... bubble baths.
... soup cooking in the crock pot.
... the sound of rain running through our gutters. (yeah, i'm weird. but i love rain.)
... a glass of wine on a tuesday night. hey, sometimes it's too hard to wait until friday.


Kayla said...

YUM! I love smoothies! And Spring, and melting snow and pretty much everything you mentioned! :-)

Emily said...

Ditto on the smoothies! I keep robek's and smoothie king in business. It's my favorite thing after a workout. Me and Jeff's new favorite thing is tart yogurt with berries. Tart yogurt- it's the new Bethesda craze. You gotta try it out if you haven't already!

Jodie said...

MMMM, that smoothie looks delish!