Monday, March 1, 2010

hello march!

i've never been so happy to see march. ever.
yesterday was feb. 28th which means exactly 3 more months of working where i am.
i've never been so excited for an ending before.
i've been counting down the weeks, days, hours (ok, maybe not hours) until may 28th.
not only is it my last day at work but it's our anniversary weekend!
and we're heading to steamboat to celebrate.
did you hear that charlie!?!?! we're going to steamboat! alone! for an entire weekend!
i'm hoping that march brings lots of warm weather.
our forecast has 50 degrees and rain in it. i'm hoping that the rain melts the rest of the snow on the ground.

here's everything i want to do in march:

... go snowshoeing.
... walk the dogs more. because the weather will be so nice.
... wear t-shirts. it's spring, right?
... stain some furniture.
... not fail my hyrdo midterm.
... finish the research + write the abstract for my term paper.
... buy a new humidifier. apparently if you leave yours running without water in it you'll burn out the motor.
... drink more sunshine beer.

i'm excited for the promise of flowers + warm weather + hiking.


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