Friday, February 26, 2010

ikea love.

ikea i love you.
and hate you.
i love you for everything you have.
i hate you for not being close to me. not even a little bit.

so, i wanted to order this chair off of ikea. the chair was $240.
do you know how much they wanted to charge me for shipping!
$260 freaking dollars. $260!!!!! um, that's more than the stupid chair.
unfortunately, if i'm going to pay $500 for a chair than i want a $500 chair. and for $500 i shouldn't have to assemble anything myself.

speaking of assembly, how much do ikea's stupid assembly directions suck? ever heard of words!!! nooooo .... they're all, "who needs words? these are international directions, for children who haven't started reading yet". i have yet to put together something from ikea without going through several drinks at the same time.

when charlie and i first moved in together, we bought these end tables (which i painted blue a year later and no i wasn't drunk when i picked the color). well we decided to have a "race" to see who could put the end table together first. while we were drinking beer. and we both ended putting the little doors on the end table backwards. maybe it's a good think i painted them ... there were nail holes around the edges.
i want this bedroom.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I like that bedroom, too. I love Ikea, it's about 3 hours away from me, which is for the best. I spend far too much money there. But, having the fabrics would be handy. I love their fabric section.

Jodie said...

Haha, that just made me laugh out loud. perhaps because I just drank some wine and I could only imagine putting together an end table at this point in the night. And also because I feel your pain with the shipping. We're currently searching for a chair and I feel you with the shipping-- good luck!