Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dear nice stranger,

thank you. times a million.

i feel like i've been bitching about life a lot lately.
i've kept most of it off this blog, but i feel bad for the people i come home to every day.

i came to work on tuesday and found the sweetest thing.
the substitute who had been there before me had bought me a book.
i've never met her. and am really sorry i missed her when she dropped by on friday.
she wrote me a note, thanking me for taking the job, and left her contact info in case i needed any help.

but seriously, she took the time to buy me (someone she's never met) something she thought would help me. she even left the receipt in it, in case it wasn't something i could use.

it was such a sweet gesture and a great reminder for me that people can be nice, they can think about people other than themselves, and take time from their own busy lives to help out others.
present from a stranger

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Taryn said...

Oh- that is so nice. Sometimes the little gestures make the biggest difference.