Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this was exactly what i needed

i have a confession to make, i've been an emotional mess lately.
on sunday night i had a total meltdown about everything. my job, school, our dirty house, everything.

luckily, i married someone who has the ability to calm me down when i'm completely freaking out.

hawaii was wonderful. seriously. but i also had a lot of free, alone time, and used that to freak out about everything that i needed to get done but couldn't because i was in the middle of the pacific ocean. i couldn't get my book for school before leaving (even though i went to the bookstore twice and charlie went once) and so i couldn't do any of the work for my class. totally frustrating. i also was thinking about work. i did get some papers graded on the beach, which helped a lot, but still ...

monday was rough. i haven't been sleeping and after traveling all night and then trying to get ready for the week ahead i was so, so tired. the thing is, i'm usually not this much of a head case. i've never had problems sleeping, ever. i've slept through a thunderstorm, in a tent, with my sleeping bag in 3 inches of water.

last night charlie and i climbed into bed early, with tea, and books, and henry snuggled between us. it was perfect. must do that more often. have i mentioned i love our quilt?

tuesday was better than monday and wednesday's looking even better. i've calmed down a bit, gotten a ton of work done and charlie's picking my book up for my at the bookstore today. (5th trip. a little ridiculous, no?) he's awesome. really, really awesome. i should bake him a cake or something. or cook him a steak. dudes, like meat.

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Julie said...

I know the feeling of true appreciation for your husband. They can be lifesavers. I hope your week gets even better.