Thursday, February 11, 2010

last week...

sometimes i wonder if i look this mean when i'm at work ...
i definitely don't have the threatening ruler, that might be overkill

... i kicked 4 students out of class
... i was called a fucking asshole (for not thinking it was cool that a student wanted to spend class texting and not do any work)
... i had a paper airplane thrown at my head
... i was given a lovely drawing of a marijuana leaf and a joint (just in case i wasn't sure what he planned on doing with the leaf)
... i heard the word "fuck" an uncountable number of times
... i had a student throw chairs across the room and then break the legs off of a third chair. awesome.

seriously hoping this week is slightly better...
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Taryn said...

Oh my goodness. Where are you working chica? I hope it gets better too.

Sarah said...

Holy smokes! Hope you're doing ok!