Saturday, February 6, 2010

all about me, honestly


1. i'm so not a morning person. in fact i'm ridiculously grumpy in the morning.
2. i do not understand the giant "savory savory mushrooms" can on federal. it's in the middle of a neighborhood. why?
3. i am 26 and cannot figure out what i want to "be". ugh. in all honesty, i just want to find something that i can stand doing.
4. i used to talk about how people shouldn't be defined by their careers. and then i gave mine up, and i sort of got why it's so important to have one.
5. kids scare me. in the sense that they're expensive and permanent, and at some point they are going to grow up and make bad decisions.
6. i hate the harry potter movies.
7. when i have a bad day, sometimes i come home and yell at charlie for something so stupid, like not filling the dog's water. that usually makes my day even worse.
8. i'm a huge introvert and could go for days without talking to another person.
9. i like henry just a little bit better than dunkin. i tell myself it's because even though both of the dogs are ours. dunkin was charlie's before we were dating and i bought henry when we moved in together. i'd feel guilty about this but i know that charlie loves dunkin just a little but more than henry. it all evens out.
10. i hate big houses. i never want to live in one. i'm also not a fan of houses with formal dining rooms and living rooms. this goes along with never wanting to host a huge thanksgiving dinner.
11. i'm not a good driver. i don't pay attention to stop signs or what color the light is.
12. my car is really, really dirty. i hate cleaning it.
13. i don't have a lot of patience.
14. sometimes i'll eat a bag of chips for dinner. like i'm in college. even though i know it's bad for me.
15. i hate that charlie doesn't want me to do his laundry. so i do it anyway.
16. i love bubble baths. charlie says i'm wasting water. i don't care.
17. i bought a ski pass this season and i sort of wish i didn't. waking up at 5 am on a saturday to drive to the mountains is so not what i want to do on my weekends.
18. i drink a lot of tea.
also ... i still want to read wedding magazines. but don't worry, i haven't bought any. :)


Jodie said...

I am in 100% agreement with you on #'s 3, 6, and the part of 17 that talks about waking up at 5am to ski (ugh!). Oh, and I may have laughed out loud at #11... but just a little bit :)

Emily said...

I'm pretty sure that was at one point in time a mushroom farm - I don't know for sure though, that's just what I've told myself so that I can accept it.

Loved this post!

Alex said...

I love bubble baths lately - I give far too much of my hard earned money to LUSH