Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 day weekend ...

so technically it was only supposed to be a 3 day weekend but i took friday off.
i was (am) sick & we had friends coming to stay the weekend with us. can you blame me?

the plan was to ski like crazy this weekend. although, i knew that i wouldn't be skiing nearly as much as my husband and his buddy.
on saturday we drove up to the mountain & had a pretty good day skiing. although, one of our friends had some problems with the altitude and had to hang out in the lodge for a bit.
when we went to leave (it had been snowing all day) we found out that the road was closed because of an accident. we were told that it wouldn't reopen for a few hours. so we called some friends and asked them to take care of the dogs and then spend the next few hours in a bar. on a couch. it wasn't too bad. :)

stuck in a bar
comfy couch.
the beads were because the mountain was celebrating mardi gras that night.

post-ski drinks
mmm ... beer.

after getting home at 10 on saturday there was no way that i was getting up at 5 to ski again. us girls spent the day hanging out and drinking coffee while the boys skied (again).
when they got back we went out to pasta jay's in boulder. and waited 2 hours for a table. but my buffalo ravioli was definitely worth it!

snow on v-day
it snowed in denver, too!

these flowers weren't for me, but they were too pretty not to take a picture of.
charlie got me some lilies (my favorite).

i spent monday doing homework (or trying to) while everyone else skied (again). since i still don't feel that well i wasn't too sad that i missed out on skiing. i was much happier to sleep until 8.

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